The Crazy Life Story of Boma Akpore – Football, Hollywood Rejection, Divorce, BB Naija and More

The crazy life story of Boma is something that is fascinating and intriguing, below we give you all the details…

BB Naija star Boma Akpore has become the trending topic in all of Nigeria after a crazy fight with fellow housemate Angel.

Boma and Angel tore into each other verbally, and nearly even came to blows.

Their fight started over gossip of course. Boma had heard that Angel called him a ‘kiss and tell’ and Angel denied saying that.

During their argument, Angel asked Boma to ‘eff off’. That did not please Boma too much and he called her a bastard and a mental patient.

Angel exploded and that’s when the argument got real heated.

They had to be separated by people around.

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Interest in Boma has spiked as a result of the fight as he has been trending for a couple of days straight.

The Crazy Life Story of Boma

Boma Akpore was born in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1987. He is 34 years of age.

He is from Delta State, Nigeria, but was raised by his single mother and grandmother in Lagos.

Boma’s childhood was difficult as they didn’t have much. He had to drop out of school because there wasn’t enough money.

The BB Naija star has described his childhood as ‘extremely tough’.

He had to work extremely hard and save up some cash to get himself into film school, something Boma described as one of the proudest accomplishments in his life.


Boma earlier in his life wanted to be a professional football player. He worked and trained hard for it, but his dream was ended by a serious injury.

Modelling career

Boma started his modelling carer in 2003 after he was scouted by his childhood best friend’s older brother, Ola Olowu.

Ola worked for TBWA, a well-known advertising agency in Nigeria and was able to get him top gigs.

Boma got the chance to model for a campaign with MTN shortly after.

He took part in Nigerian Fashion Week in 2004, one of the biggest and most prestigious fashion shows in Nigeria.

His appearance set a record as the youngest model ever to appear at the Nigerian Fashion Week.

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He immediately became sought after and went on to model for top designers as JD 7, Adedakare Couture and Emmy Collins.


Boma got the chance to pursue his dream of being a top actor in America after relocating to New York.

He works as a masseuse by day and a bartender at night to support himself whilst he searches for roles.

He has had limited success in Holywood, most famously landing a role in the tv series ‘The Blacklist’.


Boma was briefly married but it didn’t work out, he became divorced.

The actor reveals he suffered from depression due to that but tries to remain positive.

BB Naija

Boma Akpore, BB Naija

At 34, Boma is now on BB Naija to finally make it and land the huge 90m Naira jackpot.

You can imagine how much that money would change his life and give him a bigger chance of fulfilling his Hollywood dream.

The show is still on so we would soon see how the story of Boma develops.


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