Tears Flow As Young Nigerian Nnamdi Paul Killed By Unknown Gunmen Few Hours After Posting Video Chilling In His Car

Nnamdi Paul Odoh, a young Nigerian who recently graduated from school, has been killed by unknown gunmen in Anambra State whilst returning from an outing.

Paul shared a video of himself chilling in his car just a few hours before his shocking death.

Friends and family of the recent graduate have been thrown into deep mourning over the shocking news of his demise.

According to reports, Nnamdi attended an outing with some friends to have fun.

nnamdi paul odoh

Nnamdi shared a video of himself chilling in his car prior to the outing on social media.


His death a few hours after posting that video hence shocked everyone!

Reports say Nnamdi was killed whilst returning from the outing.

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He was attacked by unknown gunmen who shot and killed him.

It’s currently not clear what the motive of the attack was.

Friends jumped on social media to mourn his sad passing, sharing his last video and writing sweet words.

RIP to the young man.

Who is Nnamdi Paul Odoh? 

Young Nigerian graduate killed by gunmen in Anambra

Nnamdi Paul Odoh is a young Nigerian graduate who was killed by gunmen whilst returning from an outing on Sunday, July 31st 2022.

He is a graduate of the Federal Polytechnic Oko in Anambra.

Nnamdi graduated from the institution in April and jumped on social media to celebrate.

 “Finally a graduate, congratulations to me,” he wrote.

He was killed by gunmen whilst returning from an outing three months later.

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A friend, Happy Boy Grace, jumped on social media to mourn his passing.

“This how you just left the world after all your achievements my heart hurts. Rest in Peace Odoh Nnamdi Paul. I don’t know what you did to deserve this kind of death,” he wrote on Facebook.

Nnamdi was reportedly a businessman after graduating and was evidently doing well as shown by the car he was driving.

May he rest in Peace.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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