Skitmaker Zicsaloma Exposed as Gay after Allegedly Bonking Male Skitmakers

Popular skitmaker Zicsaloma has been exposed as gay after allegedly demanding s*x from male skit makers before helping their career.

Notorious Instagram blogger Cutie Juls alleges that Zicsaloma has demanded for homos*xual s*x from a few skit makers who came to him for help.

He allegedly demands to sleep with you before providing any help you need!

Cutie Juls ripped him for behaving so entitled when he was helped for free by multiple celebrities to share his viral videos when he first started.

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The blogger wrote: “Hmmm sad sad sad that Zic that many celebrities promoted for free for him to be where he is now will be demanding knackademous from young male skit makers in exchange of helping them become famous. Zic why now? 😭😭💔.. This is not fair.

“Bros if you are Biiiii abi you dey wan sell agaygay bread fine, your body your choice but what you are doing now makes you no difference from all those big bosses who demand to gbenz gehs before giving them jobs. 

“Zic! Zic! Much love and best of luck to all young upcoming skit makers.. you will surely become successful. Never compromise your body. Wishing you all the best ❤❤❤”

Check out the stunning allegation of Zicsaloma being gay below…

About Zicsaloma

Aloma Isaac Junior, popularly known as Zicsaloma, is a popular Nigerian skitmaker and content creator.

Zicsaloma shares his videos primarily on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok where he has built a massive following.

He portrays funny female characters including the popular Sister Ekwitos and others.

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His portrayal of female characters has led to many accusations of being gay.

Aloma appeared on the Voice Nigeria but was eliminated in the semi-finals, after which he transitioned to comedy and skit making.


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