Shey You Dey Ment? – Davido Angrily Descends on Fan for Filming him Whilst Eating – Video

Davido angrily called out a fan who recorded him whilst eating, asking him if he has gone mad to be behaving in that manner.

The singer gestured to his head to indicate madness after spotting the fan recording him from a distance whilst enjoying a meal.

Davido and friends were out at a restaurant eating when the incident occurred.

Davido was having a quiet meal to himself when the fan spotted him and started to record.

The fan tried to keep the recording on the down low therefore Davido did not notice it.

After looking around a bit, Davido finally saw the recording and lost his mind.

He angrily pointed at the fan and asked him if he was mad.

Watch the moment a fan recorded Davido eating below…

Delighted fans praised Davido for his reactions.

Oparah_somzy wrote: He just asked if u Dey ment politely😂

Myselfdefense_ng wrote: E ask am, Shey u dey ment nii? Person no fit chop in peace?

Oaolumiere_ng wrote: I heard “come you dey mad?” loud and clear 🙌🙌😂😂

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The Nigerian overdosed on the edible weed and unfortunately died.


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