Shameless Uche Elendu Drags Sugar Daddy’s Wife to Court In Fight Over Late Husband’s Properties

Shameless Nollywood actress Uche Elendu has dragged the wife of her late sugar daddy to court as they fight over the properties of the woman’s late husband.

According to court documents which has surfaced online, Uche Elendu claims the late man, identified as one Deacon Iyke Lawson Kanu, was her husband and that they were legally married.

She therefore claims she should be the one inheriting the bulk of his properties.

However, multiple reports claim the man is actually already married with kids hence Uche Elendu has dragged his lawfully wedded wife to court to be declared the real wife and given ownership of the properties.

Uche Elendu also has one daughter with Kanu’s supposed husband.

uche elendu fights widow for husband properties

Blogger Cutie Juls breaks it down such…

“After the [man] passed away and all burials stuff done. Uche through her lawyers went to 2 courts, Abia and Lagos state to put injunctions on some of the man’s properties and froze all the man’s main bank accounts claiming the man married her legally at the registry on 6th May 2022 which was 5 months to the man’s demise.

“Well that marriage certificate if it indeed happened, is null and void because until the man’s de@th, he was still married and living with his wife. 

“Their marriage certificate confirms they got married 2004 which makes them legally married for 19yrs before the man passed away.

“Uche also claims she and late Eketebe got married on 6th May 2022 but Cutie has confirmed the man was not even in Nigerian on that date.

“He was in UK receiving medical treatment and he only arrived in the country on the 8th May 2022 with his 2 oldest children who were with him while he attended medical appointments in the UK.

“So who signed that Certificate Uche is holding? Regardless the marriage is null and void because the man cannot have 2 legally married wives.

“Also, the man who was very ill and hospitalised in the UK definitely is not the one Uche married.

“Checking the man’s signature on both marriage certificates, there is a slight difference in the signature. Well that is for the court to rule on that,”

Check out the post below which also contains court documents filed by Uche Elendu and marriage certificates of her supposed wedding to her late husband and baby daddy.

Uche Elendu is a Nigerian actress, singer and entrepreneur.

She is described as one of the most consistent faces in the Nigerian movie industry from her debut in 2001 up until 2010 when she took a break from the Nigerian entertainment industry. 

According to a Vanguard publication, Elendu has featured in over 200 Nigerian movies.

Elendu was born in Abia State which is located in the south-eastern geographical area of Nigeria, predominantly occupied by the Igbo people of Nigeria. 

She is the first-born child of her parents and has three younger siblings all of whom are male. 

Her father is a retired civil servant and businessman whilst her mother is a teacher. 

Elendu graduated with a B.Sc. degree in International Relations from Imo State University.

Elendu officially joined the Nigerian movie industry known commonly as Nollywood in 2001. She debuted her acting career by featuring in a movie titled Fear of the Unknown.

Although now divorced, got married in January 2012 in the city of Owerri, Imo State to Walter Ogochukwu Igweanyimba and both have two children together, both of them female.


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