Who was Sean Garinger? Selena Gutierrez of 16 & Pregnant’s Ex Dies in ATV Accident

Sean Garinger, the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gutierrez on 16 & Pregnant has died in an ATV accident – learn more about him.

Sean Garinger reportedly died after an ATV he was operating ‘flipped and crushed his skull’.

The accident occurred in front of his home in Boone, North Carolina on February 28th, his mother Mary Hobbs revealed.

Sean Garinger appeared on the popular reality series 16 and Pregnant alongside his ex-girlfriend Selena Gutierrez.

Learn more about his tragic end at the age of 20 below.

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Who was Sean Garinger?

sean garinger

Sean Garinger was a 16 & Pregnant alum who has died in grisly fashion during an ATV accident.

Garinger was a familiar face from MTV’s “16 and Pregnant,” who captured viewers’ hearts with his candid portrayal of young parenthood.

Sean Tai Garinger was born on June 11, 2003 in South Dakota.

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Known affectionately as “Squishy,” Garinger was a military brat whose family moved all across the country.

According to his obituary, Sean had an ‘adventurous spirit and generous nature’ that endeared him to those around him.

He enjoyed driving RC cars, sky diving, shark diving, dirt bikes, flying his drone, driving ATVs, surfing, and spending time in the ocean.

Sean Garinger died on February 28th 2024 in an ATV accident outside his home in Boone, North Carolina.

According to his mother, Garinger was moving an ATV from one parking spot to another in front of his home in Boone, North Carolina, when the accident happened.

“I was with him when it happened. He was just moving [the ATV] from one parking spot to the next for me, so I could back into park,” she recounted.

“He pulled [in] front of me to park the ATV and the ground gave way from all the rain and mud.”

She went on to say that the ATV flipped and “crushed” his skull.

sean garinger boone nc

Mary Hobbes said she ran to get help from neighbors but it was just too late.

“I ran to neighbors trying to get someone to help me get the ATV off of him. No one answered. I ran back to him,” she continued.

“By that time, I realized he wasn’t alive anymore. I just laid next to him until the ambulance showed up.”

There was a huge part of my heart that died with my son on Wednesday,” Mary told The U.S. Sun.

“He was my only son, my rock, my strength when I had none left.

“We loved spontaneously jumping in the car for a road trip or a beach sesh.”

“We bonded over music, fast cars and shooting guns and taking new adventures,” she continued.

“Sean brightened my world in a way no one else could ever come close to. He was my baby boy, my squishy, my heartbeat.”

Sean Garinger 16 and Pregnant

sean garinger 16 and pregnant

Sean Garinger made his name for his appearance on the MTV show 16 & Pregnant.

Sean’s appeared in Season 6 of “16 and Pregnant” chronicling the arrival of his and Selena Gutierrez’s daughter, Dareli.

They later welcomed a second daughter named Esmi.

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The reality series followed the story of the five new pregnant teens over a span of five weeks as they each became first-time mothers.

In one episode of the MTV show, Gutierrez’s mother sat the former couple down and offered some firm words to prepare them for parenthood.

“You all need to grow up within the next couple of days, you are babies having a baby,” she said at the time.

“This baby came with a package, and that package is called responsibility.”

Selena Gutierrez

Selena Gutierrez reportedly got arrested in March last year after an alleged fight with her boyfriend and baby daddy, Sean Garinger.

Selena Gutierrez, a star of MTV’s “16 & Pregnant,” was arrested for hitting the father of her daughter, Sean, after the couple was involved in an altercation.

The arrest occurred on Monday, May 17, and it was documented in Instagram videos shared by Sean and members of Gutierrez’s family on their Instagram Stories.

Garinger died in February 2024 after a tragic ATV accident before his home in Boone, North Carolina.

He is survived by his daughters Dareli and Esmi, whom he shares with Gutierrez, as well as his mother and his sisters, Shania, Lydia, Isabella, Ember, Kayden and Casslyn.

An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), also known as a light utility vehicle (LUV) or a quad bike, is a motorized off-highway vehicle designed to travel on four low-pressure or non-pneumatic tires.


Boone is a town in and the county seat of Watauga County, North Carolina, United States.

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, Boone is the home of Appalachian State University and the headquarters of the disaster and medical relief organization Samaritan’s Purse.

The population was 19,092 at the 2020 census.

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The town is named for famous American pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone, and every summer from 1952 has hosted an outdoor amphitheatre drama, Horn in the West, portraying the British settlement of the area during the American Revolutionary War and featuring the contributions of its namesake.

It is the largest community and the economic hub of the seven-county region of Western North Carolina known as the High Country.

Boone took its name from the famous pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone, who on several occasions camped at a site generally agreed to be within the present city limits.

Daniel’s nephews, Jesse and Jonathan (sons of brother Israel Boone), were members of the town’s first church, Three Forks Baptist, still in existence today.

Boone was served by the narrow gauge East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad (nicknamed “Tweetsie”) until the flood of 1940.

The flood washed away much of the tracks and it was decided not to replace them.

Boone is the home of Appalachian State University, a constituent member of the University of North Carolina.

Appalachian State is the sixth-largest university in the seventeen-campus system. Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute also operates a satellite campus in Boone.

Boone is a center for bluegrass musicians and Appalachian storytellers.

Notable artists associated with Boone include the late Grammy Award-winning bluegrass guitar player Doc Watson and the late guitarist Michael Houser, one of the founding members of and the lead guitarist for the band Widespread Panic, as well as Old Crow Medicine Show, The Blue Rags, and Eric Church, all who are Boone natives.

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