Salone Blog Page is the First Sierra Leonean Blog to Get 1Million Views on Instagram and 3 Million Reach in 7 days on facebook

Sierra Leonean blog Salone Blog page has become the first blog in the country to get 1million views on Instagram.

The blog set a new record after reaching 3million people on Facebook in a week!

Both are milestones that have never been achieved by a blog in Sierra Leone.

Salone Blog has set a lot of records in its short time in existence, beginning with winning the best blog in Sierra Leone award.

Salone Blog currently has 12,000 followers on Facebook and 15,000 followers on Instagram.

Salone blog page covers topics including sports, music, entertainment and politics about Sierra Leone.

Find Salone blog on Instagram at saloneblog_page and on Facebook at Saloneblogpage.

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