Who is Sahil Omar Kansas City?

Sahil Omar Kansas City has been named by some sources as a suspect in the Kansas City shooting – but all is not as it seems!

According to multiple reports, one of the shooters arrested for taking part in the Kansas City shootings is one Sahil Omar Kansas City.

Sahil Omar Kansas City is reportedly a ’44-year-old immigrant’, according to some of these posts

However, despite these claims, major news outlets such as Reuters and the Associated Press are denying Sahil Omar as a suspect.

In this article, we look at the claims and also the rebuttals from the mainstream media.

Let’s dive in!

Who is Sahil Omar Kansas City?

sahil omar kansas city

Sahil Omar is reportedly a 44-year-old illegal immigrant who has been fingered as a suspect in the Kansas City shootings.

Following Wednesday’s shooting, which marred the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl parade, three suspects were arrested.

On Thursday, news started floating around about one alleged suspect being Sahil Omar Kansas City.

U.S President Joe Biden released a statement calling for gun control in the aftermath of the shooting, leading to some people to reply that illegal immigrants perpetrated the crime.

White House reporter Simon Ateba reported Biden’s statement thus: “BREAKING: President Biden (@JoeBiden) EXPLODES, blames guns for mass shootings in America, following chaos at Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade, writes, “We’ve now had more mass shootings in 2024 than there have been days in the year. It’s unacceptable. We must end this senseless epidemic of gun violence tearing us at the seams.”

Replying to Ateba’s tweet, the X user Michael Arlin (@mrcauliman) wrote: “One of the shooters in KC has been identified as 44-year-old Sahil Omar, an illegal immigrant,”

After some users replied in skepticism, Arlin wrote: “If some of you clowns really believe mainstream media will release the names, joke is on you. DYOR and stay strapped,”

However, numerous replies to the post did not buy the claim of Sahil Omar being the Kansas City shooter.

“No names have been released. This name is the same name they used for a Ft Worth “bombing” too….not buying it,” one user said.

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Another added: “I think that is internet rumor instead of fact at this point,”

Another X user, Praveer Tiwari (@therealpraveer) also claimed something similar.


So the rumor of Sahil Omar being the Kansas City shooter is floating out there but there are more replies doubting its authenticity.

In reaction, the Associated Press debunked the claims, revealing the same name had been used as a suspect in previous crimes.

“Following the shooting that left a mother of two dead and 22 injured at the end of the parade celebrating the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win, social media users began sharing information that falsely pinned the violence on a 44-year-old migrant living in the country illegally,” the AP wrote.

“At least one of the Kansas City Chiefs parade shooters identified as Sahil Omar, a 44 year old illegal immigrant,” reads one post on X that had received approximately 24,000 likes and 11,700 shares as of Thursday. “Biden has failed to protect America from invasion and terrorism.”

In reply to the claim, the AP said: “False. Three people have been detained as part of an investigation into the shooting that broke out at the conclusion of parade festivities outside historic Union Station, but police have not released any details about the detainees beyond the fact that two are juveniles.

“The same name and description being spread on social media were used to make similar erroneous claims in connection with a January explosion in Fort Worth, Texas, and a December shooting in Las Vegas,”

Sahil Omar Kansas

sahil omar kansas

During a previous Fort Worth explosion, Sahil Omar Kansas City was again named as a suspect.

At that time, Reuters tackled the claim, writing….

Authorities have not yet named a suspect in the Jan. 8 explosion at a Fort Worth, Texas hotel, and an investigation of the incident, which is thought to be a gas leak, is ongoing.

Social media posts have falsely claimed that a man named Sahil Omar has been named as the suspect.

A Facebook post sharing photos of the aftermath of the explosion reads, “Explosion at Ft. Worth, TX. The suspect has been identified as 44 year-old migrant Sahil Omar. A many as 11 people injured. #OpenBorders #ItBegins.”

At least 21 people were injured in an explosion, opens new tab on Jan. 8, 2024 at the Sandman Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, in relation to an apparent gas leak.

Fort Worth Police Department said in a post, opens new tab on messaging platform X that the fire department noticed “an odor of gas” when they responded to the explosion.

They said the investigation is ongoing.

Jimmy Pollozani, a representative for the Fort Worth Police Department, said in an email to Reuters that there is no validity to the social media claims at this point in the investigation.

On Jan 8, opens new tab, the Fort Worth Fire Department said the explosion was “likely caused by a gas leak.”
There are no credible reports, opens new tab at that the explosion was caused by a suspect named Sahil Omar.

The same wording (44-year-old migrant Sahil Omar) has been used on social media in relation to other news events, including the November 2023 Rainbow Bridge crash, opens new tab on the U.S.-Canada border and the December 2023 shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, opens new tab, indicating it is likely a hoax.

Reuters gave the verdict: “No evidence. There is no evidence that the explosion at the Sandman Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas was caused by a person named Sahil Omar,”

Kansas City shooting

Sahil Omar is accused of perpetrating the Kansas City shootings, which we break down below.

On February 14th, 2024, a mass shooting occurred at the west side of Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, where a Super Bowl LVIII victory parade and rally for the Kansas City Chiefs were taking place.

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The shooting resulted in one death and 28 injuries, including 22 by gunshot and six by other circumstances. Among the injured, 11 were children under the age of 16.

The shooting was reportedly triggered by a personal dispute that turned violent and harmed innocent bystanders. Two suspects, both juveniles, were taken into custody by the police.

The shooting happened around 2 p.m. CST, shortly after the rally ended and confetti began to fall.

Witnesses reported hearing loud pops and seeing people running and screaming. Some also recalled hearing or seeing an altercation before the shooting, with a woman trying to stop a man from firing a gun.

The crowd dispersed as the gunman opened fire, hitting multiple people. One of the suspects was chased and tackled by some attendees, while the other was arrested by the police.

The shooting caused panic and chaos among the attendees, who numbered around one million. Many of them had come with their families, as schools in the Kansas City metropolitan area had canceled classes for the parade.

Some of the Chiefs players and staff, who were inside Union Station, sheltered in place with the attendees and helped calm them down until they were evacuated. The head coach, Andy Reid, and some players were seen comforting children who were terrified by the shooting.

The shooting was widely condemned by local and national authorities, as well as by the Chiefs organization and the NFL.

One Sahil Omar Kansas City was erroneously named as a suspect.

President Joe Biden renewed his call for gun control legislation, saying that the shooting was “a tragic reminder of the urgent need to end the epidemic of gun violence in our country”.

The Chiefs chairman and CEO, Clark Hunt, issued a statement saying that the team was “heartbroken and outraged” by the shooting, and that they would support the victims and the community in any way they could.

The shooting was one of the deadliest mass shootings in Missouri history, and the second one to occur at a major sporting event in the U.S. in less than a year.

In June 2023, a gunman killed five people and injured 14 others at a baseball game between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres in Washington, D.C.

The motive for that shooting was also unclear, but the suspect was later identified as a disgruntled former employee of the Nationals.

The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing, and the identities of the suspects and the victims have not been released yet.

The police are asking anyone who has information or footage of the shooting to contact them.

A vigil for the victims was held on February 15th at Union Station, where hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects and to show their resilience.

A memorial service for the deceased victim, a 32-year-old mother of two, was planned for February 17th at a local church.

lisa lopez-galvan

Union Station

Kansas City Union Station (station code: KCY) is a union station opened in 1914, serving Kansas City, Missouri, and the surrounding metropolitan area.

It replaced a small Union Depot from 1878. Union Station served a peak annual traffic of more than 670,000 passengers in 1945 at the end of World War II, quickly declined in the 1950s, and was closed in 1985.

In 1996 a public–private partnership undertook Union Station’s $250 million restoration, funded in part by a sales tax levied in both Kansas and Missouri counties in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

By 1999, the station reopened as a series of museums and other public attractions.

In 2002, Union Station returned to train service when Amtrak began providing public transportation services and has since become Missouri’s second-busiest train station.

The refurbished station has theaters, ongoing museum exhibits, and attractions such as the Science City at Union Station, the Irish Museum and Cultural Center, and the Todd Bolender Center for Dance and Creativity. Since 2016, it is a stop for the KC Streetcar.

The station is served by four Amtrak trains daily. The Missouri River Runner has round trip service to Gateway Transportation Center in St. Louis.

The Southwest Chief departs for Chicago Union Station in the morning and for Los Angeles Union Station late evening.

Of the twelve Missouri stations served by Amtrak, Kansas City was the second busiest in the 2015 fiscal year, boarding or disembarking an average 421 passengers daily.

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