Who is Sabria Lacey? Irving Police Chase Ends in 4 Dead

Sabria Lacey was an American woman who alongside three friends, all in their 20s, died in a car crash during a chase with Irving police.

Sabria Lacey, DeAvion Aubert, Robert Gowans Jr., and Anthony Lisbon were the four occupants of a stolen car that was fleeing police and crashed.

The sad event has stunned the nation, with people mourning the deaths of the four young people which they saw as needless.

They also want to learn more about the victims and we provide what we know below.

Who was Sabria Lacey?

who is sabria lacey irving police chase

Sabria Lacey was an American woman and one of four people who died in a chase with Irving police.

On February 1, 2024, a high-speed chase initiated by Irving police ended in a horrific crash near Interstate 35 and Woodall Rogers Freeway in Dallas, killing four people in the stolen vehicle and injuring a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy.

The incident sparked outrage and grief among the families and friends of the victims, as well as questions about the police pursuit policy and the risks involved.

The victims were identified as Sabria Lacey, DeAvion Aubert, Robert Gowans Jr., and Anthony Lisbon.

Sabria Lacey was described by her family as a loving, caring, and outgoing person who had a bright future ahead of her.

According to a LinkedIn page for Sabria Lacey, she was a Front End Supervisor at Tom Thumb Supermarket in DeSoto, Texas.

Lacey died alongside her friends in the crash.

According to the Irving Police Department, officers located a stolen car at about 2 a.m. Thursday in the 3200 block of North Belt Line Road and tried to pull it over, but the driver refused to stop and sped away toward Dallas.

The car was traveling at a high rate of speed on southbound Interstate 35E, when it took the Woodall Rodgers ramp. The driver did not slow down, and the car flew off the ramp and landed on the grassy median below the highway near the Dallas North Tollway exit.

All four people in the car died on impact. The car burst into flames and was engulfed by fire.

A Dallas County sheriff’s deputy was also injured in the crash. He was trying to lay out spike strips along the highway to stop the suspect vehicle.

Just as the crash happened, a light pole fell onto his squad car. He was taken to a hospital with a minor injury to his arm.

The fatal crash triggered a massive traffic backup in the area, as the ramps and roads were closed for hours for the investigation.

A drone was used to give investigators a bird’s eye view of the violent crash and debris field, as car parts were scattered across a wide area.

The Irving Police Department and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the crash. Irving Police spokesperson Anthony Alexander said the department’s pursuit policy allows officers to chase stolen vehicles, and that officers are required to constantly monitor the situation and be safe at all times.

He also said the crash was a tragic event, but did not comment on the specifics of it12. The department’s pursuit policy is only available via public records request.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Doug Sisk said it was great that the deputy was not seriously injured, and that it was probably a freak thing that the light pole fell on his car.

He did not comment on the pursuit policy or the crash itself.

The families and friends of the victims expressed their anger and sorrow over the loss of their loved ones.

They questioned why the police had to chase the stolen car, and whether it was worth the risk of endangering innocent lives.

They also demanded justice and accountability from the authorities.

Irving police chase 4 dead

irving police chase 4 dead

The four people who died in the Irving police chase that ended in a crash were identified as:

Sabria Lacey, a young woman in her 20s.

Anthony Lisbon, described by his family as a hardworking, respectful, and funny person.

Deavion Aubert, a friend of Lisbon, described by his family as a smart, talented, and adventurous person who enjoyed music and sports.

Robert Gowans Jr., 22, the driver of the stolen car. He was described by his family as a kind, generous, and loyal person who had a good heart.

What lessons can be learned from this

The tragic incident highlights the need for a careful and transparent evaluation of the police pursuit policy and the risks involved in chasing suspects.

It also raises questions about the alternatives and best practices for handling such situations, and the accountability and oversight mechanisms for the police actions.

It also reminds us of the value of human life and the consequences of reckless and irresponsible behavior. It calls for compassion and empathy for the victims and their families, as well as for the officers and the deputy who were involved in the chase and the crash.

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