Rich Nollywood Actress Genevieve Nnaji’s True Source Of Wealth Exposed – Shocking Gist

Genevieve Nnaji is without question, one of the richest actresses Nollywood has to offer. However, her wealth didn’t come from her primary profession!

A new gist from Instagram blogger Cutie Juls implicates Nnaji in the games famous game female celebrities allegedly play – sleeping with rich men for wealth.

Recall recently media personality Nedu Wazobia has been making stunning allegations against female celebrities. He alleges they make their money by sleeping with rich people.

If you thought it was only the new generation engaging in this – think again! Cutie Juls claim two of the top names of the past – Omotola Jalde-Ekeinde and Genevieve Nnaji – also play this game.

In a post on Instagram, the blogger alleged Nnaji dated a popular politician who showered her with houses, cars, cash and other gifts!

NNajia allegedly received so many goodies she even got a house located abroad!

Check out the stunning allegation below…

“I’ve been thinking and realised most African politicians are just wicked and heartless. Eg; Omotola had flings with Uncle Aliko who is the richest man in the whole of Africa. Genny on the other hand dated one of the top politicians in Nigeria. Na normal sorting money Aliko was giving Omotola cuz he respects the value for his hard earned money.

“As for Genny o, her own zaddy was buying her houses left right and Center. Big cars, even house for Yankee. And he did this effortlessly because the money na government money no be him own personal hard earned money so it felt so comfy for him to spend anyhow on his babe.

“Presently, politicians are giving small small girls $50k for knacking ans even more. You will never find Dangote who is the richest man spending this kian amount for one knack. All Lagos and Abuja girls especially no wan smell Dangote’s name or preek cuz they all say “that man is very stingy”.

“You know why? He has value for money cuz he works for it. You must earn whatever money he gives. Shey we were here when his American babes came out to complain about his stinginess amongst other things.

“See if those babes were dating Naija politicians, trust me they would have been millionaires. It’s really sad. But it only shows how selfish most of them are. If it’s their own money, will they be dishing out up to $100k just to knack babes? The answer is definitely NO. God save us

Check out the Instagram post below…


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