Who is Quanique Robinson? Florida Man Johnnie Bernard Brown Kills Girlfriend and her Two Daughters

Quanique Robinson, 49 years old, and her two daughters Danisha Sims and Windshay Roddey, were shot and kiled in a domestic incident in Lawtey, Florida.

Her boyfriend, Johnnie Bernard Brown, 46, has been arrested as the man suspect in the killings.

Johnnie shot Quanique and her two daughters during an argument in their home – located at 21637 Northeast 17th Avenue in Lawtey – prompting an 11-year-old granddaughter of Robinson who was in the home to call 911.

When deputies got to the home, they Johnnie Bernard Brown, 46, in the front yard suffering from several cuts.

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He and the girl were both taken to a Gainesville hospital, where they were treated and released. Brown was taken into custody.

johnnie bernard brown murdered quanique robinson and her daughters

Inside the home, investigators found the bodies of 49-year-old Quanique Robinson, 27-year-old Danisha Sims and 25-year-old Windshay Roddey, according to officials.

Brown told investigators that they were having an argument when one of the women started attacking him with a knife, and that’s when he shot them, officials said.

Colonel Brad Smith of the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office said Brown contradicted himself about what happened, indicating he was lying.

“He [Brown] was not being very truthful in what he was saying what’s going on,” Smith said. “He had some minor puncture wounds, and then also a slash on his bicep that did require some stitching,” Smith said.

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“He was saying that they were having an argument and that one of the females started attacking him with a knife and that’s when he shot them. But then, further investigation and conversation with him… the story had changed quite a bit to where he had actually pursued them into the room that they were found dead in,”

The sheriff’s office says the three women shot are a mother and her two daughters. The 11-year-old girl is the granddaughter of Robinson. And Brown is in a relationship with Robinson, but they are not married, according to Smith.

Brown is facing three murder charges and one attempted murder charge.

Lawtey is a city in Bradford County, Florida, United States. The population was 636 at the 2020 US Census, down from 730 at the 2010 US Census.

The city has received national attention and earned the dubious distinction of being one of only two official speed traps designated by the American Automobile Association (the other being Waldo a few miles to the south).

However, the label was removed by AAA in August 2018 after reforms by police chief Shane Bennett.

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