Prison Break – Gistlover Drops Shocking Details of How Former Queen Escaped Alaafin’s Palace after Affair with MC Oluomo was Discovered

Gistlover has shared shocking details of how a former queen of the Oyo kingdom broke out of the Alaafin’s palace after her alleged infidelity with MC Oluomo was discovered.

Queen Olaitan Badirat, popularly known as Queen Ola, is alleged to have entered into an illicit relationship with wealthy Lagos union boss MC Oluomo.

Her affair was discovered by the king who ordered her detained but she allegedly broke out of the palace with Oluomo’s help.

A few days ago, Gistlover narrated how Queen Ola’s mother started an affair with the Alaafin and then later brought her young daughter into the palace to become a Queen.

Read Gistlover’s stunning narration of events below…

“Ola stole Mc Oluomo number from Queen folashade phone, na Queen Folashade MC dey sneak knack before and was spoiling her with cash and gifts, so when Ola got his number she called and introduced herself and said she wants to be MC oluomo goddaughter.

“From there she bought wristwatch and palm slippers for Mc, unto goddaughter and father levels now🤣🤣Mc took the gift and sent her money to reciprocate, all these was happening while in the palace oooo. Before we open eye close am they moved from goddaughter and father to KNACKING partners.

“She started sneaking out of the place again,that was how MC dumped Queen folashade wey him dey lash before, to make matters worse Ola kept telling him all sort of lies that Queen Folashade called him a tour, say na money make an dey open puna for am, naso MC tuta vex come block Folashade.

“Folashade tried to reach her manfriend Mc to no avail, there is another promiscuous Queen in the palace who is very close to Ola, her name na Queen Omoh, naso that one go snitch for their senior Queen (Folashade) say na Ola dey drag MC with am ooo, matter was messy then. Folashade confronted Ola but she denied it.

“Long story short Sha na for Ola birthday party the whole matter clear because she invited their manfriend, Mc Oluomo to the birthday, Folashade was not having it but them maintain till after birthday. After birthday seeing that Ola was getting away with all her atrocities and even had the guts to bring a man friend to the palace, the other Queens came together and planned for her.

“They started recording all her conversation with her numerous men, a popular oil and gas mogul in Abeokuta too is involved with Ola, that one sends his driver to come pick her each weekend and na the other Queens dey help her cover her tracks before but as fight don happen, one particular weekend that she sneaked out of the palace, the other Queens made sure the Alaafin got wind of it, they also present all her recordings,”

“They presented all her escapades to the King with plenty evidence of several men wey she dey kanck, how people from Lagos dey sneak in come knack her for princess court, how 9ice the musician knack her and all her other men Sha. For the second time the king got angry and ordered that the palace guards arrest Ola and lock her up in the palace cell, and assigned heavy securities on her. The king also instructed that they should not give her food.

“While Ola was locked in the palace cell for few days without food she begged one of the palace guard to please help her get a phone, she called her manfriend (Mc Oluomo for LAGOS) and they both planned that while all the palace guards are sleeping at night, she should abscond and find her way to Lagos, say him go establish Ola for Lagos.

“Ola spoke to the chief guard and pleaded with him that if he can allow her escape he will make sure the guard is made for life, long story short Sha while other guards were sleeping in the middle of the night, Ola jumped the fence with the help of that senior guard, with her phone and money for tfare to get to Lagos. Na so Ola turn to Lagosian till today, adeko dere, never go oooy story just dey start , find chair siddon, I dey come, I don tire to type for now,”


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