Pretty Mike Hot As Fans Descend On Him For Disrespecting Christ After Attending Wedding With Female Dressed As Jesus

Controversial socialite Pretty Mike has been crucified by Nigerian Christians after attending a wedding with a female dressed as Jesus Christ being crucified.

Fans called it blatant disrespect to Christ for him to behave that way, with the attacks led by loudmouthed Daniel Regha.

Pretty Mike was at a wedding over the weekend and caused a stir after walking in with a woman dressed as Jesus.

The lady was dressed as Christ with a cross on her neck as depicted in Christian mythology.

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She depended on Mike for support, whilst some scantily dressed females by his side whipped her just as Christ was whipped by the Romans.

Pretty Mike female Jesus Christ

Pretty Mike shared the video with the caption: “What if the savior of mankind was a woman,I honestly think this world would have been a better Place…… “women the most undermine secret weapon given to us, by the almighty one 🙏🏽 #FunnyBone #FunnyBoneWedding #stanleysangel,”

Watch the video of Pretty Mike and female Jesus Christ below…

His post stirred controversy with fans descending on him.

Controversial Daniel Regha attacked him on Twitter, writing: “This is a blatant disrespect to Christ, & the christian community, Pretty Mike is doing the most. The celebrants should’ve walked him out of the wedding venue cos encouraging this may have a negative impact in their marriage. U don’t mock God without facing the repercussions,”

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Another social media user wrote: “He’s doing too much,”

Check out some reactions to Pretty Mike’s post below…


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