Portable Biography – Real Name, Age, Cars, Children, Songs, Net Worth

Portable Biography – Read on to find out more about Nigerian superstar Portable of ‘Zazoo Zeh’ fame – everything you need to know about him.

In recent years, one Nigerian artiste who has jumped into the limelight is Habeeb Okikiola aka Portable.

Portable Omolami became popular after his trendy single ‘Zazuu Zeh’, featuring Olamide and Poco Lee.

Prior to that, he was doing music for a few years but never found popularity.

Below is the full biography of Portable – real name, age, children, cars, songs, net worth etc.

Portable Biography

Portable biography

Real Name

Portable was born Habeeb Okikiola on March 12th, 1994 in Abeokuta.

He is a native of Ogun State in Southwest Nigeria.

He is a Yoruba.

Portable Age

The musician is 28 years old.


Portable is a Muslim. He was raised in the faith by his parents, Mr and Mrs Okikiola.

Growing up in Abeokuta, Portable also picked up the Yoruba language at an early age due to communicating in it with his parents, family and friends.


Portable was given a good education by his parents growing up.

He was enrolled in top public schools in Abeokuta at the elementary and secondary levels.

He attended a vocational training institute at the tertiary level, opting not to go to University.


Portable was influenced by top American rappers as a child.

Dr Dre, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G and Snoop Dogg were all heavy influences in his early life.

He started composing rap songs in their style which polished his love for music.

Later, the rise of indigenous rap artists like Lord of Ajasa, Dagrin, Danny Young, Olamide and others encouraged him to take up Yoruba rap.

Olamide would later become a major part of his success.

More on that later.

Portable Zazu Biography

Portable Zazu biography
Portable Zazu

The Yoruba rapper’s major breakthrough arrived through his 2020 collaboration with his mentor of sorts, Olamide.

Portable ft Olamide

The artiste featured Olamide and Poco Lee on his 2020 banger Zazu Zeh.

The song became a household hit and rapidly catapulted him to fame.

Prior to that, he had been in music for several years with limited success.

Portable moved from Abeokuta to Lagos State after his education to further his career.

However, things did not work out for him as songs as he released performed poorly.

Portable worked a 9-5 job during those days to keep food on the table.

Luckily for him, he had a chance meeting with Olamide which changed his life.

Portable became emotional at meeting his music idol.

He burst into tears and knelt on the ground, holding Olamide’s legs.

Olamide was moved and brought Portable onboard for a project with Poco Lee.

The project was Zazuu Zeh and the rest became history.

The song made Portable’s popularity skyrocket and he now has close to a million followers on Instagram.

Portable Children

The musician has two children with his baby mama and is expecting a third.

Portable children
Portable children

On 19th March 2021, Portable announced his baby mama is pregnant with his third child.


Portable new car

After his success, Portable has now acquired a few cars to his name.

He bought a Toyota Camry worth N3m in December 2021.

Portable new car
Portable new car

Portable New Range Rover

He also acquired a Range Rover to start off the new year 2022.

“Everything wey Zeh Na by luck always give thanks to God,” he wrote as he showed off the car.

Portable net worth

The Zazu Zeh hitmaker is estimated to be worth around $70,000.

He just found success and is sure to be worth more in years to come!

Portable songs

  • Ogo Forever
  • Oro Owo
  • Tambolo
  • ZaZoo Zehh
  • Ojabo kofo
  • Gberatan
  • Gasolo
  • My Way
  • Adura
  • All Eyes On Me
  • Neighbour
  • Oshara
  • Folohunsho
  • Oloro Kori

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