Photos of Bobrisky’s Skin Looking Bumpy and Scaly Like A Crocodile Surfaces After Fan Secretly Photographed Him

A fan has exposed Bobrisky over his hard and bumpy face after abruptly bumping into him in Ikeja and sneakily taking photos of him.

The fan took photos of Bobrisky’s real face and shared them online, causing a huge stir.

The post confirms that unfiltered Bobrisky photos are really scary to see.

Bobrisky’s face is hard and scaly in the photos, with multiple razor bumps on his face.

He frankly looked like a crocodile’s skin -scaly and bumpy!


The inquisitive fan shared the photo on social media and exposed the famous crossdresser.

“Pls don’t let Instagram pictures deceive you, this is a disgusting picture of Bobrisky that I took yesterday,” she wrote.

“Omo skin was irritating, for those of you planning to look fresh like Instagram Bobrisky be informed,” she added.

Bobrisky looks beautiful on social media but completely different in town.

It’s why he is ready to attack and beat any fan who takes photos of him without his knowledge.

When he takes the photos himself, he can filter and edit and end up looking like a supermodel.

However, if you catch him off-guard, the truth will spill out!

Watch the crocodile/scaly face of Bobrisky in the photo below…

Bobrisky fan photos


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