Who Is Peyton Stewart? Pepperdine University Student Killed by Fraser Bohm

Peyton Stewart was an undergraduate student at Pepperdine University and one of 4 killed by Fraser Michael Bohm on the PCH.

Michael Bohm is a 22-year-old American with South African heritage from Malibu responsible for the horriffic accident on the PCH that killed four Pepperdine students.

On Tuesday night, October 17, 2023, a horrific crash on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Malibu that claimed the lives of four young women who were students at Pepperdine University, including Peyton Stewart.

The perpetrator who caused the crash was identified as 22-year-old Fraser Michael Bohm of Malibu who  was speeding on the PCH and lost control of his vehicle.

Peyton Stewart and her three colleagues were all standing by the side of the road when Bohm’s out-of-control car slammed into other cars which struck them.

Peyton Stewart, Niamh Rolston, Asha Weir and Deslyn Williams all died on the spot.

Two other Pepperdine University students were injured in the PCH crash and were rushed to hospital but their conditions remain unclear.

In this article, we take a look at who Peyton Stewart was as well as her three colleagues who were tragically killed in an accident by Michael Bohm.

Who is Peyton Stewart?

peyton stewart

Peyton Stewart was a high-achieving student of Pepperdine University in California whose life was tragically cut short in a heart-wrenching accident on the Pacific Coast Highway.

On the night of Tuesday, October 17 2023, Fraser Bohm was driving on the PCH when he lost control of his car and initiated a crash that killed Peyton Stewart and her friends.

The crash happened around 8:30 p.m. in the 21600 block of PCH, near La Costa Beach and east of the Malibu Pier.

According to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD), perp Fraser Michael Bohm was driving a dark gray four-door BMW sedan westbound on PCH near Carbon Canyon Road when he allegedly lost control of his vehicle and swerved towards the shoulder of the north side of PCH, where he hit several parked cars that in turn struck a group of young women who were walking nearby.

Four women – all students of Pepperdine University – died in the crash.

Peyton Stewart was an undergraduate student at the Seaver College of Pepperdine University pursuing a degree in Business Administration. 

Peyton Stewart comes from New York City and had her early education at the Academy of Holy Angels in Demarest, New Jersey.

The Academy of the Holy Angels is an independent college preparatory school for young women established by the School Sisters of Notre Dame in 1879 that prides itself as the oldest private school in Bergen County.

After four years at the academy, Peyton Stewart received a scholarship to the Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where she proceeded to study for her undergraduate in Business Administration.

She pledged the Alpha Phi sorority and was scheduled to graduate next year.

Peyton Stewart was a high achieving student as evidenced by her being on a scholarship. 

Her bio on LinkedIn reads, in part “Some of my passions include financial accounting, social media marketing, and investing. 

“…I am very people-oriented [with] strong communication, merchandising, problem-solving and leadership skills. 

“Under high-stress environments, I am able to make decisions and work efficiently, while still maintaining highly focused attention to detail, ensuring the satisfaction of customers as well as colleagues. 

“I have taken initiative to become more knowledgeable in the field of finance by immersing myself in Columbia University’s courses in corporate finance, financial management, and investment management,”

In school, Peyton Stewart was the Vice President, Finance for the Alpha Phi International Fratenity, managing abudget of $140,000 annually, according to her LinkedIn page.

She also served as a career ambassador for 10 months at Pepperdine, reviewing and sharpening undergruate resumes, cover letter and reference documents.

peyton stewart linkedin

She also had several internships whilst studying – including Settlement Operations Intern at Sumimoto Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) Asia Pacific in New York City and Entrepreneurship and Marketing intern at Aflac Los Angeles.

In fact, she had just completed her final internship as a Global Business Solutions intern at Tiktok in Austin, Texas between May 2023 to August 2023 before the start of her final year in college.

Peyton Stewart had posted on LinkedIn following the conclusion of her internship, writing: “Last week I finished my twelve week summer internship at TikTok! I am thrilled to reflect on the incredible experiences and valuable insights I’ve gained during my time as a Global Business Solution Intern on the Fashion vertical.

“From day one, I was welcomed into a dynamic and collaborative environment that encouraged learning and growth. 

“Throughout the summer, I had the privilege of working on impactful projects that challenged me to think creatively and strategically. These experiences not only expanded my skill set but also deepened my understanding of the tech industry’s fast-paced landscape.

“I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my manager, Mark Donnelly whose guidance and support were instrumental in shaping my internship journey. 

“Your mentorship truly empowered me to excel and contribute effectively to the team,”

Fate being so cruel, we were not to know that she was just about to lose her life in the most tragic of circumstances.

There was no doubt that this was a young lady with a magnificent future ahead of her.

May she rest in peace.

Peyton Stewart and three other Pepperdine University students killed

peyton stewart pepperdine student killed

Four Pepperdine University students – including our subject Peyton Stewart – were killed by an out-of-control BMW driver as they walked along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on Tuesday night.

The four women were fatally struck when 22-year-old Fraser Michael Bohm lost control of his BMW around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

The students were identified by school officials as Niamh Rolston, Peyton Stewart, Asha Weir and Deslyn Williams on Wednesday.

Bohm was speeding as he drove westbound on the highway in his dark-colored vehicle when he lost control, smashed into several parked vehicles and then crashed into a group of young women walking in the area, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday, KTLA reported.

“To the students who loved, lived with, and were in community with the departed members of our Pepperdine family, my heart is broken with yours. I join you in your grief as we process this profound loss,” Pepperdine President Jim Gash told the school community in a statement.

Peyton Stewart and her three friends were declared dead on the scene but two others were taken to local hospitals in unknown conditions.

Bohm was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence but was later released from custody due to lack of evidence.

A prayer service has been scheduled for members of the Pepperdine community for Thursday at 10 a.m., the university said. Additional plans are in the works to hold a memorial service for each student.

“In the days ahead, we will come together in meaningful ways to honor and celebrate the lives of the remarkable individuals lost to this unthinkable tragedy,” Gash said

The Pepperdine University Vice President for Student Affairs mourned the four students tragically killed in a statement.

“It is with profound sorrow that we bring this message to the Pepperdine community about the tragic passing of four beloved members of our student community. As you know, we sought official confirmation and the opportunity to speak with the families before releasing the students’ names.

“We can now inform you that Seaver College students, seniors Niamh Rolston, Peyton Stewart, Asha Weir, and Deslyn Williams, passed away in the car accident on Pacific Coast Highway last night. 

“In this time of immeasurable grief and heartache, we stand together as a community and turn to our faith and each other to find hope and healing in the midst of this tragedy. 

“Each departed student brought a unique gift and spirit to the University, and we deeply grieve the unfulfilled hopes and aspirations of our precious community members. 

“In the coming days, we will share details regarding memorial services for each student as we work with their families to appropriately honor them,”

Niamh Rolston

niamh rolston

Niamh Rolston was a business administration major who loved traveling and learning new languages and one of the four killed by Fraser Bohm.

Peyton Stewart, Asha Weir and Deslyn Williams were the other three.

Fraser Michael Bohm is a 22-year-old American male solely responsible for the horrific crash on the Pacific Coast Highway that killed four female students of Pepperdine University and injured a couple others.

Michael Bohm is a 22-years-old American with South African origins who hails from Malibu, according to publicly available information.

A Facebook page for Fraser Bohm suggests he attended Malibu High School but is originally from the South African province of Western Cape.

Fraser Bohm Malibu killed four Pepperdine students on PCH died after he hit them in a collision while standing on the side of the road in Malibu.

The impact was so violent that four young women – Niamh Rolston, 20, Peyton Steward, Asha Weir, and Deslyn Williams, were all declared dead at the scene.

Two others were taken to local hospitals in unknown conditions. 

For more information on Fraser Michael Bohm read our article – Who is Fraser Michael Bohm?

Who is Brooke Bohm?

brooke bohm

As we research more into the story of Peyton Stewart and Fraser Michael Bohm, we have discovered some searches for one Brooke Bohm as well.

Brooke Bohm is an American photographer who some people think might be Fraser Michael Bohm’s mother, although that has not been confirmed.

On her oficial website, Brooke Bohm describes herself as: “”I’ve loved taking pictures my entire life.   I was (and still am) the one at our family gatherings forcing everyone to ‘scrunch’ together and move in specific positions.  I keep telling my family (especially my brother) that someday they will be happy these photos exist (i do think they are finally believing me).  And all for the love of capturing that special moment with special people.  

“I can’t remember a time that i did not have my own camera

“It has always been so fascinating to me…  capturing an image, a moment in time, one that will never happen again.  

“I am passionate about photography, about the families that i shoot and the images that i know will be treasured forever. 

“It is my art and i would be honored to share it with you.Say something interesting about your business here,”

We hope we’ve answered any questions you might have about Peyton Stewart, Fraser Michael Bohm, Brooke Bohm and more.

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