Oye Kyme Apologises To Mompha After Saying He And Bobrisky Are Gay Partners – Mompha Hits Back

After ranting on social media, Bobrisky’s former Personal Assistant, Oye Kyme has hit the DM of Nigerian social media celebrity Mompha to apologise.

Oye Kyme has secretly messaged Mompha to forgive her after disgracing him in public.

According to her, it wasn’t her intention to disgrace Mompha on social media because she was having a question and answer session with her fans.

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Mompha has noted that it will only take a public apology for him to forgive Oye Kyme after humiliating him and his family.

Earlier today, Oye Kyme went bonkers on social media in a QnA session.

She released top secrets about her former boss, Bobrisky and also disclosed that Mompha is Bobrisky’s ex-boyfriend.

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Oya added that Bobrisky is still a man as he has done nothing to utter his looks to become a woman but hides under makeup to deceive his fans.

She revealed that Bob is a man but he fancies having an affair with his fellow men, meaning Bob is gay, and so is Mompha.

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Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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