Ooni of Ife Divorce- Queen Naomi’s Shameful Behaviour Led to her Being Kicked Out of the Palace – Sources Reveal

The divorce of the Ooni of Ife from Queen Silekunola Naomi has been trending for today since it was revealed by the Queen on social media.

The Queen has released news today that she has left the Ooni of Ife’s palace and divorced him.

However, new information coming out from sources indicate that this wasn’t what really happened.


According to sources who spoke to blogger Kemi Ashefon, the Ooni sacked Queen Naomi and not the other way round.

Details of Queen Naomi’s divorce

According to the source who spoke with Kemi, the Ooni of Ife divorced Queen Naomi due to her stubborn nature.

Her mother also apparently played a part as she was always getting into fights with the other wives at the palace.

According to Kemi: “Contrary to what is being peddled by the queen that she left the monarch, sources from the palace revealed that Queen Naomi and her family were sent packing from the ancient palace of Ile-Ife.

“The former queen, Silekunola could not cope with the other queens (Ayabas) in the palace.

“Though she was the only one who was allowed to be featured as the Queen and addressed as Yeyeluwa, there were other queens who bore kids for the Ooni in the palace.”

Aside these transgressions, she also erred in supporting her mother to pick fights with others all over the palace.

The source said: “…Queen Naomi’s mum was always at loggerhead with palace staff and some of the queens.

“She always had one misunderstanding or the other with everyone in the palace.

“Meanwhile, Queen Naomi was always taking sides with her mum and sister who lived with her in the palace,”

At a point, she and her motr angrily packed out of the palace.

Her mother is also alleged to have begged for money from her daughter many times who would then ask the chief who would comply

After complaining over this behaviour, he reportedly refused one time, leading to a misunderstanding.

All these led to Queen Naomi getting fed up and packing her bags and threatening to leave.

The Ooni allowed her to carry out this empty threat, leading to her coming out to announce their divorce.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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