Omah Lay Net Worth and Biography

Omah Lay net worth in 2023 is $550,000. Born Stanley Omah Didia, the talented artist is one of the most popular and talented Nigerian singers and songwriters in the Afrobeats genre. 

He rose to fame in 2020 with his hit singles “You” and “Bad Influence”, which went viral on social media and streaming platforms. 

Omah Lay has also collaborated with international artists such as Justin Bieber and Ozuna, and won several awards and recognitions for his music. 

But just how much is the rising star worth? In this article, we delve into the impressive net worth of Omah Lay, tracing his journey from a talented up-and-comer to a sensational success. 

Join us as we explore Omah Lay net worth, biography, career, awards, and more.

Omah Lay Net Worth

omah lay net worth

According to various sources, Omah Lay’s net worth is estimated at around $500,000 as of 2023. 

His main source of income is his music career, which includes earnings from streaming, sales, shows, endorsements, and collaborations. 

Omah Lay is also described as one of the richest young musicians in Nigeria, with a loyal fan base and a growing international presence.

From the moment Omah Lay burst onto the Nigerian music scene, he has captivated fans with his unique sound and infectious melodies. 

His rise to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric, with his debut EP, “Get Layd,” garnering millions of streams and catapulting him into the spotlight. 

Through his chart-topping hits and electrifying performances, Omah Lay has not only won the hearts of fans but also built up a significant net worth.

This has been possible through not just his music but other ventures that have contributed to his net worth and solidified his position in the music industry. 

Main sources of income

The main source of Omah Lay’s income contributing to his 2023 net worth is through his music career, as he is a singer, songwriter, and producer. 

He has released two EPs, Get Layd and What Have We Done, which have received millions of streams on various platforms. 

He has also won the Next Rated award at the 2020 Headies Awards and collaborated with other artists such as Justin Bieber and Masterkraft.

Some of Omah Lay’s investments and business ventures are:

Music: Omah Lay makes most of his money from his music career, as he is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He has released two EPs, Get Layd and What Have We Done, which have received millions of streams on various platforms. He has also won the Next Rated award at the 2020 Headies Awards and collaborated with other artists such as Justin Bieber and Masterkraft.

Record Label: Omah Lay is currently signed to two record labels, Dvpper Music and Sire Records. Dvpper Music is a local label owned by Damilola Akinwunmi that handles his distribution in Nigeria. Sire Records is an American label that distributes his music internationally.

Endorsements: Omah Lay has also secured some endorsement deals with various brands and organizations. He is the brand ambassador for Pepsi Nigeria, a leading soft drink company. He is also the brand ambassador for Itel Mobile, a smartphone company that targets the African market. He has also partnered with Empawa Africa, a talent incubation initiative founded by Mr Eazi. 

Empawa Africa is an African talent incubation enterprise, founded by Mr Eazi in 2018 to provide support and mentorship to up-and-coming artists in Africa, helping them to grow and export their music from Africa to the world. Empawa Africa offers various services to its artists, such as:

  1. Marketing, distribution, label services, finance, publishing, live events and management3.
  2. A $3,000 grant and a 3-week masterclass in South Africa for 100 selected artists every year1.
  3. Partnerships with YouTube, Kobalt Music Group and African Music Fund12.

Empawa Africa has nurtured and supported some of the continent’s biggest artists, such as Joeboy, Lady Donli, Nandy, DJ Neptune and many more. Empawa Africa is a platform that empowers the next generation of African artists.

Through all these business ventures partnerships, Omah Lay has been able to grow his net worth to an impressive level of $500,000 in 2023.

Omah Lay’s wealth has also helped him to engage in philanthropic acts such as…

– **Donating to the #EndSARS campaign**: Omah Lay has expressed his support for the #EndSARS campaign in Nigeria, which protests against police brutality and corruption. He told Harper’s Bazaar, “People need to know these protests are purely about the people, with no political undertone whatsoever. Police harass, extort, beat, and kill us just for being young and trendy, with no consequences.”¹ He also donated money to the campaign through a crowdfunding platform².

– **Supporting young talents**: Omah Lay is also passionate about supporting young talents in the music industry, especially those from his hometown of Port Harcourt. He has mentored and collaborated with some of them, such as Ajebo Hustlers, who featured him on their hit song “Pronto”.³ He also plans to set up a foundation that will help aspiring musicians from his city.

– **Giving back to his fans**: Omah Lay is known for his generosity and appreciation of his fans, whom he calls his “family”. He often interacts with them on social media, giving them shout-outs, advice, and gifts. He also surprises some of them with personal visits and phone calls. He once said, “I owe everything to my fans. They are the reason I’m here today. I love them so much.”

Omah Lay Biography & Net worth

Omah Lay, a Nigerian artist with a net worth of $500,000 in 2023 was born Stanley Omah Didia on May 19, 1997, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. 

He comes from a musical family, as his grandfather was a percussionist for the legendary highlife singer Celestine Ukwu, and his father was a drummer. 

Omah Lay started his musical journey as a rapper under the stage name “Lil King”, but later switched to singing and producing.

He released his first official single “Do Not Disturb” in April 2019, followed by “Hello Brother” in May 2019. 

He then signed to a record label named KeyQaad in June 2019, and moved to Lagos to pursue his career. 

He took a seven-month break to work on his debut EP, Get Layd, which he released on May 22, 2020. 

The EP was a huge success, as it topped the Nigerian Apple Music charts and featured on various playlists and platforms. The EP contained five tracks: “You”, “Bad Influence”, “Damn”, “Lo Lo”, and “Ye Ye Ye”.

Omah Lay continued to impress with his music, as he released his second EP, What Have We Done, on November 20, 2020. The EP also contained five tracks: “My Bebe”, “Can’t Relate”, “Godly”, “Confession”, and “Infinity”, featuring Olamide. The EP also topped the Nigerian Apple Music charts and received positive reviews from critics and fans. 

The song “Godly” became one of the most streamed songs in Nigeria in 2020.

Omah Lay has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, both locally and internationally. 

He was featured on DJ Tunez’s song “Pami”, alongside Wizkid and Adekunle Gold. He was also featured on Olamide’s album Carpe Diem, on the track “Infinity”. 

He also teamed up with American singer Justin Bieber and Puerto Rican singer Ozuna on the remix of Bieber’s song “Peaches”. He also worked with Masterkraft and Alpha P on another remix of the same song.

Omah Lay Cars and House

omah lay cars and house

Omah Lay like many young acts has spent a significant part of his net worth on cars and houses.

In 2021 after winning the Next Rated at the Headies, Omah Lay received a plaque and a $30,000 GAC GS4 sports car for his award.

In September 2022, Omah Lay reportedly spent half a billion Naira (N500 million) on an opulent mansion located in the highbrow Lekki neighbourhood of Lagos.

Awards and Recognitions

Omah Lay has received several awards and recognitions for his music and talent. Some of them include:

  • Apple Music’s New Artist of the Month for June 2020
  • Native Mag’s Fresh Meat for March 2020
  • BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Hot for 2021 list
  • Audiomack’s Up Now program for emerging artists
  • Montreux Jazz Festival’s 20 artists to watch in 2021
  • BET’s Amplified International Artist of the Month for November 2020
  • Next Rated award at the 2020 Headies Awards
  • Best New Act award at the 2021 MTV Africa Music Awards

Omah Lay is one of the most promising and talented Nigerian singers and songwriters in the Afro-fusion genre. 

He has a unique voice and style that sets him apart from other artists. 

He has also proven himself to be versatile and creative with his music, helping him build a net worth of around $500,000 as of 2023, which is expected to increase as he continues to make waves in the music industry.


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