No Vibe Killers Allowed Here – 2Face Shades Annie As he Chills in America

2Face has all but confirmed he’s done with his wife Annie after he described her as a ‘vibe killer’ whilst chilling in America.

The veteran musician is currently in the United States with his first baby mama after escaping the clutches of his wife.

2Face had to deceive his wife and flee because he couldn’t handle the fire she was blowing on social media concerning their marriage issues.

According to Annie, he tricked her then fled to America.

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2Face has now given an indication that he went to the U.S because he just wants to have some time to himself and chill.

He shared a video to his Instastories showing the calm and serene environment he’s currently in.

“Bright and Sunny day, no vibe killers allowed here,” he captioned the video.

It’s not that hard to guess at the ‘vibe killer’ he’s shading here.

His post comes after Annie took to social media to share a video of a sobbing woman who thought she had found comfort in someone.

Annie paralleled it to herself to show her hopes that 2Face would always be there for her had been dashed!

From his latest posts, it doesn’t seem like he’s ready to work things out anytime soon.

Watch his video below…


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