Nigerian Stanley Ewulu Arrested in South Africa After Posing as Police Officer to Extort A Refugee

Stanley Ewulu, a 42-year old Nigerian in South Africa has been arrested for posing as a police officer to extort money.

Ewulu and an accomplice, 38-year-old South African Peter Molomo, have been arraigned before court in Pretoria.

They are facing charges of extortion and corruption.

The Nigerian, who is an illegal immigrant himself, is in double trouble.

Aside the criminal charges, he faces an additional charge of being in South Africa illegally.

Stanley Ewulu arrested

stanley ewulu

The Nigerian national and his RSA accomplice hatched a plan to make money.

They posed as officers of the South African Police Services’ Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI).

The special unit tackles organised crime, economic crime, corruption and other serious crimes referred to them by the South African Police Service (SAPS).

They are colloquially known in South Africa as ‘Hawks’.

Ewulu and Molomo posed as Hawks and approached a refugee to extort him.

They reportedly promised to make a pending case against him go away.

“…The pair approached the complainant, introduced themselves as Hawks investigators from the Pretoria office and demanded R300,000 (about ₦8,224,212) in order to destroy a case docket that was opened against him,” officer Lumka Mahanjana said.

Mahanjana added: “They also promised to hand over a vehicle that belonged to the complainant, as well as his refugee documents that were confiscated by the Sunnyside police.”

The duo got into trouble when the refugee reported the issue to the real Hawks.

They were arrested in a sting operation and arraigned before court.

The case has been postponed to March 22nd.


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