Nigerian Man Stanley Obi and His Girlfriend Set on Fire by His Bitter Baby Mama in Australia

Nigerian man Stanley Obi is in critical condition after his ex-girlfriend and baby mama set him and his new girlfriend on fire.

Stanley Obi suffered burns to 90% of his body, but his current girlfriend and three children all survived the blaze.

His jealous ex-lover, Sarah Mudge, died in the fire she set herself.

Nigerian Man Set on Fire in Australia

The Nigerian man and his new girlfriend were asleep in their bedroom in the early hours of Thursday, March 10th when the incident occurred.

Sarah Mudge broke into their house, located in New Beith, Brisbane, Australia, with a can of petrol.

It’s believed she doused the sleeping Obi and his new girlfriend in the fluid and then set them on fire.

Neighbour Al to Obi’s Rescue

A hero neighbour of the Nigerian managed to save his life after dragging him out of the fire.

Known as Al, he is believed to have frantically knocked on doors in the neighbourhood to get help once he realized the commotion at Stanley Obi’s house.

However, no one woke up and he barged into the house himself.

He dragged Stanley out, whilst his new girlfriend and three kids all managed to escape on their own.

The girlfriend escaped with slight burns to her airway but was otherwise safe.

Obi was not, badly burnt on 90% of his body.

Stanley Obi

Al reportedly sat with him for 35 minutes until an ambulance arrived.

He was sent to the Royal Brisbane Hospital, where he is in critical condition.

“He said to me, ‘I’m not going to make it, I’m going to die, I’m going to die, you need to help me. Help me,” the neighbour recalled.

“He was giving me his hand, reaching out to me to hold it, and I wasn’t going to hold his hand because I know about infection control.”

Sarah Mudge Was Obsessed with Stanley Obi

Mr Obi, who is a nurse reportedly dated Sarah and had three children with her, but later broke up.

stanley obi sarah mudge
Stanley Obi and Sarah Mudge

He started dating his new girlfriend and moved with her into their dream home only late last year.

Their happiness seemed to weigh on Sarah Mudge, who posted cryptic messages online indicating she was obsessed.

“She’s not toxic bro. You made her like that. Now you think she is crazy.” she posted on Facebook a few weeks ago.

Stanley Obi family

The Brisbane based Nigerian had three kids with Sarah Mudge aged five, three and two.

She often posted photos of them online according to reports.


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