Nigerian Atheist Jailed 24 Years in Kano State for Blasphemy

Nigerian atheist Mubarak Bala has been jailed for 24 years by a Kano court for posting blasphemous comments about Islam online.

He pleaded guilty to 18 charges against him and pleaded for leniency but to no avail.

Police arrested Bala in 2020 for social media posts criticising Islam and the Prophet Mohammed. 

Authorities arrested him in Kaduna State and transferred him to Kano to stand trial. 

Police hit him with 18 charges which he pleaded guilty to. 

Bala’s lawyer argued police intimidated his client to plead guilty and tried to get him to change his mind in court. 

Mubarak remained resolute in his guilty plea. 

The judge convicted him on his own plea to serve 24 years in prison. 

The avowed atheist served as President of the Nigerian humanist association until he was jailed. 

He renounced his Islamic faith in 2014. 

The BBC reports he spent time in a psychiatric institution after that.

International human right bodies and UN experts called for his release after his arrest in 2020. 

The Nigerian atheist remained in detection since his arrest.

A group of Muslims got Bala in trouble after they filed a petition against him for posting bad messages against Islam on social media. 

Authorities snapped him up after that in Kaduna State.


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