Never Give Up, I Was Broke and Living With My Mum at Age 30 – iROKO TV Owner

iROKO Tv owner Jason Njoku has advised the youth to never give up.

According to him, at age 30 he was broke and living with his mum but that didn’t stop him from succeeding.

He called for society to stop putting too much pressure on those under 30 to ‘make it’.

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He tweeted: “The pressure for <30year olds to succeed these days is so strange. So unnecessary. At 30 I was dead broke living at my Mum’s house. No girlfriend & zero assets. “Just me my 2nd hand desktop & @irokotv 10 failures to my name but man did I enjoy those early years in the world. Enjoy sha”.

iROKO TV owner Jason Njoku

There is undeniably too much pressure on the youth of today to ‘make it’.

That pressure is what leads some people to go astray and venture into criminal acts.

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If a big man like iROKO tv owner Jason Njoku was staying with his mum at 30, perhaps there is no need rushing in life.

Everyone has their time and appointed place and when yourarrives, you would make it.

Very fine advice from the gentleman.


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