Who is Myrta Romanos San Antonio? Christopher Preciado Mom

Christopher Preciado mom Myrta Romanos has been arrested as the 3rd suspect in the murder of Savannah Soto and her boyfriend.

Myrta Romanos, 47, is charged with tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse.

San Anotnio police announced her arrest Wednesday on charges of abuse of a corpse, alter/destroy/conceal of a human corpse and tampering with evidence, all felonies. 

Police said the gun used in the slayings belonged to her.

Investigators said she helped Christopher Preciado hide the bodies after he allegedly killed Soto and Guerra. 

Ramon Preciado, Christopher’s 53-year-old father, is charged with abuse of a corpse in the case.

In this article we present all we know about Christopher Preciado mom Myrta Romanos, her arrest affidavit and more details about the case involving the murder of Savannah Soto and her boyfriend Matthew Guerra.

Who is Chrostopher Preciado mom Myrta Romanos?

christopher preciado mom myrta romanos

Myrta Romanos is a 47-year-old American woman who is the latest suspect arrested for complicity in the murder of pregnant teen Savannah Soto.

Christopher Preciado mom (actually his stepmother) is accused of helping her son after he murdered Soto.

Her husband, Ramon Preciado, was also arrested and charged in the murder.

Christopher Preciado mom Myrta Romanos was born on August 7th 1976. She is 47 years old.

Myrta Romanos and Ramon Preciado got married on 1st March 2009 in Bexar County in Texas, USA.

She is accused of aiding her son and husband in hiding the bodies of Savannah Soto and her boyfriend after Christopher Preciado shot and killed them.

What happened to Savannah Soto and Matthew Guerra

What is Christopher Preciado mom Myrta Romanos accused of doing?

According to the arrest warrant affidavits for Christopher and Ramon Preciado, Guerra had gone to Preciado’s home to sell him marijuana on the night of Dec. 21.

He told investigators that Guerra pointed a gun at him and he “was able to manipulate the weapon” resulting in Soto being shot and then Guerra being shot. Investigators said his account did not match the evidence.

After the shootings, Christopher Preciado is accused of dragging Guerra on his back to the backseat of his Kia and then driving Guerra’s vehicle to the apartment complex down the street on Danny Kaye Drive, where the bodies were discovered five days later.

Police identified and arrested Preciado and his father, who police say admitted to being the person seen on a surveillance video getting out of a pickup truck and wiping down the outside of Guerra’s car with a towel.

In the arrest warrant affidavit for Romanos, investigators said there was another person in the truck with Preciado who threw him that towel.

When police questioned Romanos on Jan. 4, the day after Christopher and Ramon Preciado’s arrests, she said she did not recall the events from the night of Dec. 21 and stated that she thought she was asleep at the time, the affidavit stated.

When police searched their home, Romanos’ bedroom door was locked. She told police she was the only person with a key.

Police said they found the gun that they believe was used to shoot Soto and Guerra hidden in Romanos’ room. She told officers that the gun was hers and was given to her by a family member, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit also stated that surveillance video from her house showed her leaving the home with Ramon Preciado on the night of the incident. 

Video footage from later that night showed all three suspects returning to the home.

Police arrested Romanos on Wednesday and escorted her from police headquarters to the magistrate’s office.

Police said Christopher Preciado has no previous criminal history, and his father had some criminal history.

Ramon Preciado’s bond is set at $600,000, while Christopher Preciado’s bond has been set at $2 million.

Christopher Preciado mom Myrta Romanos affidavit

• A victim in this case has been identified as Savanah Nicole Soto, date of birth August to as Victim 1.

⚫A victim in this case has been identified as Matthew Gabriel Guerra, date of birth October referred to as Victim 2.

• An actor in this case has been identified as Myrta Romanos, date of birth August the Defendant. 

It is the belief of your Affiant that the offense of P.C. 37.09 Tampering with Evidence-Alter/Destroy/Conceal Human Corpse was committed on or about the 21st day of December, 2023 in Bexar County, Texas.

• Your Affiant has probable cause for said belief by reason of the following facts:

On December 23rd, 2023, Leon Valley Police received a call for a missing person report (2023-LVPD-004618). Family of the missing person stated she was supposed to be induced for her pregnancy and did not show up for appointment. The family advised they had not been able to get ahold of the female and stated she was not answering her phone. A check of the hospitals was conducted by the family, and it was found that the female was not at any of the hospitals. It was found that the female lived with her boyfriend; however, the family of the boyfriend advised they were not able to get in touch with him as well. The female was entered as a missing person by Leon Valley.

Further investigation found that the female and her boyfriend were not responding to any phone calls and their whereabouts were unknown. Media broadcast on the news the story of the missing female and her boyfriend. In the media. The boyfriend’s car description was broadcast in the media and was said to be a 2013 Gray Kia Optima.

On December 26th, 2023, a resident of 5903 Danny Kaye Dr, messaged the family of the female and advised them that they believed the vehicle was parked at 5903 Danny Kaye Dr. The family contacted Leon Valley and drove to the location.

Upon Leon Valley Police arrival to the location, Leon Valley Police observed the vehicle. 

Inside of the vehicle was a deceased pregnant female in the front seat and a deceased male in the backseat of the vehicle. 

San Antonio Police were contacted, and Your Affiant made the location. 

Upon arrival to the location, Your Affiant observed the vehicle. The vehicle was a 2013 Kia Optima with a Texas license plate of TRC-9447. Your Affiant checked the VIN number and the VIN number was the same VIN number that was broadcast on the news for the missing couple. A check of the information through NCIC/TCIC showed the vehicle belonged to the boyfriend of the female.

Your Affiant observed the front right passenger side of the vehicle. Your Affiant observed a deceased pregnant female inside of the front right passenger seat. Due to Your Affiant knowledge of the female on a previous Murder case from 2022 (SAPD22103639), Your Affiant recognized the female to be that of the missing female. The female appeared to have trauma to her head.

Your Affiant then observed the back seat of the vehicle. Your Affiant observed a deceased male in the backseat of the vehicle. The deceased male resembled the boyfriend to the female. The male had an apparent gunshot wound to his head. It appeared the male had been dragged into the vehicle. Your Affiant did not observe any weapon near the male.

A search warrant was requested so entry into the vehicle could be conducted.

While waiting for the search warrant, Your Affiant spoke to the families of the female and the male. It was found that the boyfriend to the female sold narcotics and would use his phone, through cellular communication as well as social media, to sell narcotics. It was also advised that the boyfriend would post money and narcotics on Instagram. 

It was stated that people wanted to rob the boyfriend and it was stated that the boyfriend had been shot at before. The family provided Your Affiant with the phone number of the female. The family of the male provided Your Afflant with his phone number as well as his Instagram.

When the search warrant arrived at the location, a search of the vehicle was conducted. The search found spent shell casing in the vehicle; however, there was no weapon recovered in the vehicle. There was apparent blood transfer on the outside of the vehicle that was not consistent with the boyfriend causing harm to the female. Both the female and male had gunshots wounds to the head and the male also had apparent drag marks on his back. 

It was believed that the female and male were killed at a different location and the vehicle was driven to the recovered location.

During further investigation Your Affiant found video surveillance video at 5903 Danny Kaye. The video surveillance found that on December 21st, 2023 around 2359 hours, a Chevrolet Silverado, Gray, driving with its lights off from the vehicle recovered location. The Silverado pulled in the middle of the back parking lot and parked the vehicle. The victim’s vehicle could be seen approaching the Chevrolet Silverado. The victim’s vehicle parked next to the Silverado. A heavy-set male exited the Silverado and the driver side door of the victim’s vehicle opened. The heavy-set male approached the driver of the victim’s vehicle and appeared to speak to the driver. 

The heavy-set male then got a towel from his vehicle and appears to wipe down the outside of the victim’s vehicle door where he had touched the vehicle. Surveillance video appeared to show a third person throw the towel to the heavy-set male, which led police to believe that a second person was inside of the Chevrolet Silverado. 

The driver of the victim’s vehicle exited the vehicle for a brief moment and sat back in the driver’s seat. The driver did not match the description of the female victim or the male victim. The Hispanic male got back into his vehicle. The victim’s vehicle drove behind the building where the vehicle was found on December 26th, 2023. The Silverado followed the victim’s vehicle.

Approximately three minutes later, the Silverado was observed leaving from behind the building where the

victim’s vehicle was found. The victim’s vehicle did not leave the location.

It was believed that the victims were already deceased in the vehicle at the time of the video observed. It is believed the unknown driver and heavy-set male observed parked the victim’s vehicle at the location in an effort to hide the vehicle.

On January 2nd, 2024, Your Affiant provided one of the victim’s cell phones to Det. Knox at the Technical Investigations unit. On January 3rd, 2024, Your Affilant received the phone download from Det. Knox. Your

Affiant found that the victim had recently searched the street of “Charlie Chan Dr.”. 

Due to Your Afflant’s knowledge of the crime scene area, Your Afflant was aware that “Charlie Chan Dr.” was a couple of blocks away from the victim vehicle recovery location.

Your Affilant was able to discover that the victim’s vehicle pinged near “Charlie Chan Dr.” and Cary Grant Dr around 2350 hours on the night they went missing. The vehicle did not start moving again until around 2354 hours. The vehicle then traveled to 5903 Danny Kaye Dr. where the victims and their vehicle were discovered on December 26th, 2023.

Your Afflant conducted computer research, and was able to locate a vehicle that looked identical to the suspect vehicle seen on camera with the victim vehicle. Your Affiant did research on the owner of the vehicle and found the owner of the vehicle matched the description of the male that exited the vehicle on camera.

Homicide Detectives went to vehicle location listed above and found the listed vehicle at the location. While at the residence on Charlie Chan, a person identified as Ramon Preciado, reported knowing why SAPD was at his residence. Ramon Preciado informed SAPD Detectives to speak with his son, identified as Christopher Preciado. Ramon Preciado and Christopher Preciado were transported to SAPD Homicide to speak with Your Affiant while additional SAPD Detectives searched the residence on Charlie Chan Drive under the authority of a search warrant.

Your Affiant spoke with Ramon Preciado after Ramon Preciado was read the Miranda Warnings. Ramon Preciado admitted to driving his Chevrolet Silverado to 5903 Danny Kaye Drive where he met Christopher Preciado. 

Ramon Preciado identified himself on surveillance video from 5903 Danny Kaye Drive as the person observed exiting the Chevrolet Silverado. Ramon Preciado reported meeting Christopher Preciado at this apartment complex, who was driving another vehicle. 

This vehicle is the vehicle in which Matthew Guerra and Savanah Soto were found deceased. Ramon Preciado admitted to assisting Christopher Preciado at 5903 Danny Kaye Drive.

Your Affiant then spoke with Christoher Preciado after Christopher Preciado was read the Miranda Wamings. Christopher Preciado reported Matthew Guerra and Savanah Soto drove to his residence on Charlie Chan Drive to sell Christopher Preciado marijuana. Christopher Preciado went on to provide a version of events that were inconsistent with evidence collected at the scene and from the victim’s recovered vehicle. 

Christopher claimed the male victim pointed a weapon at him and Christopher was able to manipulate the weapon resulting in the female being shot. Christopher then stated that had the weapon pointed at him again and he manipulated the weapon again resulting in the male victim being shot.

On January 4th, 2024 Your Affiant spoke to Christopher Preciado mom Myrta Romanos. 

Myrta stated on the night of the incident, she was at her residence, Charlie Chan Dr, with Ramon and Christopher. Myrta could not recall the events of the night and stated she thought she was sleeping. Myrta denied knowing about the incident and denied being in Ramon Preciado’s vehicle at 5903 Danny Kaye Dr.

Further investigation led to surveillance video being recovered from the defendant’s residence. In the surveillance video, Myrta could be seen leaving her residence with Ramon Preciado on the night of the incident. Ramon and Myrta enter Ramon’s vehicle and depart from their residence. 

Several minutes later, Ramon’s vehicle entered the driveway of their residence. Christopher, Ramon, and Myrta could all be observed exiting the vehicle and entering their residence.

The times observed corroborated the timing of events already known and showed that Myrta was with Ramon when he relocated to 503 Danny Kaye Dr. to meet with Christopher.

Your Affiant has reason to believe, and does believe, the said defendant, Christopher Preciado mom Myrta Romanos, on or about the 21st day of December 2023 in Bexar County, Texas, knowingly concealed a human corpse with the intent to impair its availability as evidence in an investigation in violation of Section 37.09 of the Penal Code of the State of Texas.

Savannah Soto

Savanah Soto, a pregnant teen was found dead alongside her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra.

Savanah Soto, 18, was last seen in a Kia Optima in December on the 6000 block of Grissom Road in Leon Valley.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said two bodies were found dead in an Optima belonging to Soto’s boyfriend. 

The bodies may have been in the car for three or four days, he said.

“There are two people in the car. … They are deceased,” McManus said near the crime scene. 

“We believe that it is the missing woman and her boyfriend.”

Soto’s disappearance had earlier triggered a CLEAR Alert.

The CLEAR Alert was created in 2019 to help law enforcement find and rescue missing, kidnapped or abducted adults who are in immediate danger of injury or death, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

CLEAR stands for Coordinated Law Enforcement Adult Rescue.

Police announced Thursday, December 28th that the case was being investigated as a capital murder case for both individuals.

Authorities also said they were looking for two persons of interest who turned out to be Ramon and Christopher Preciado.

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