Mr Ibu’s Dementia On Full Display As He Reunites With Estranged Wife – Video Causes Stir

Veteran comic actor, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu, is seriously sick and suffering from memory loss, dementia and other ailments – and a new video from his family has shown the severity of his condition!

Mr Ibu reunited his wife, Stella Maris Okafor, with his adopted daughter, Jasmine, after the duo went on a dirty war on social media this weekend.

It would be recalled that Stella Okafor, Mr Ibu’s second wife, called out the actor for abandoning his family to be with his ‘fake’ daughter whom she insinuated was having an affair with Mr Ibu.

Mr Ibu, however, in a live interview alongside his son clarified the allegations while insisting that Jasmine was his daughter and not his girlfriend.

In a recent development, the trio returned from the police station and reconciled their differences. In a video shared online, Mr Ibu was seen with his children and also his wife and Jasmine who hugged themselves with bright smiles.

Mr Ibu’s wife Stella announced they’re all good, adding that Jasmine would continue as Mr Ibu’s manager.

Blogger Gistlover, who broke the original story, wrote: “If matter no scatter sometimes e no get get solution, Mr Ibu don re unite with him family even asking after him daughter Chelsea, family don reunite.

“Jasmine and Mrs Ibu and made Jasmine the manager as Mrs Ibu no sabi handle social media, so anything at all now jasmine will take permission from Mrs Ibu and Mr Ibu no go stay Jasmine house again… Case don settle seh, no more Daddy Daddy ofo, everybody don know their place, PEACE RESTORED, NO MORE JASMINE GIVING ORDERS, I COME IN PEACE,”

Watch the video below…

What is noticeable in the video is that Mr Ibu is indeed suffering from dementia and other ailments due to his age and ill-health and cannot be said to be in full control of his faculties anymore.

It’s a sad state of affairs for a man who once made the whole Nigeria laugh, and one can only hope he gets better with the care of his wife and peace now reigning in his home.


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