Most Male Actors S*ck D*ck For Roles – Lydia Forson Blows Hot

Actress Lydia Forson has claimed that female celebrities are not the only ones who are forced to use s*x as a means of survival in the acting world.

The Ghanaian said many people are trading s*x for survival, not because they want to but because the “system makes it exceptionally hard for you to tow the righteous path.”

Forson said whilst the common perception is that this generally happens with women, she said men are mostly involved too.

She said: “I’m not judging you, I’m just saying STOP acting like women & men ( yes them too) aren’t sucking d**k under the table for jobs.”

She also wrote that she feels left behind and gets sad and frustrated because she has chosen to work harder to get what she wants.

This comes amid the conversations about people living a lavish lifestyle that is not commensurate to their earnings.

Check out Lydia Forson’s post below…

Lydia Forson (born 24 October 1984) is a Ghanaian actress, writer, and producer. In 2010 she won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Born in Mankessim, Ghana, she received her early education at Wilmore Elementary School in Kentucky.

At the age of nine, her family moved to Ghana, where she continued her education at Akosombo International School. Forson possesses a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Information Studies from the University of Ghana.


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