More Trouble – Regina Daniels Came Close to Being Sacked Like Laila for Allegedly Having An Affair with A Woman

Regina Daniels is happy today after one of her rivals for the affection, love and money of Ned Nwoko was kicked out.

Ned Nwoko and his Moroccan wife, Laila Charani, have parted ways.

Laila initially announced the divorce, but Ned has now come out to give more details.

In a lengthy statement released Wednesday, December 8th 2021, Ned revealed that he’s parting ways with Laila due to cheating.

He also accused her of not taking good care of their kids and bringing his name into disrepute.

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After Ned’s letter exposing Laila, blogger Cutie Juls has taken shots at both Ned and Regina Daniels.

According to the blogger, the two are conspiring to destroy Laila’s reputation even though she has quietly left and gone back to her country.

Cutie alleged that Regina has done far worse things than Laila including sleeping with her best friend known as Cassidy.

The blogger claims that Regina nearly got sacked by Ned after catching her having an affair with her best friend and it only took the intervention of her mother Regina to keep her in the marriage.

Cutie Juls wrote: “Seriously I don’t like this thing that Gina and Ned are doing to Laila. Why is Gina supporting Ned to the embarrass Laila kini kon Abeg, where was this energy when she Gina was cheating with her fellow woman, Cassie?

“Her mom Rita went to the house to beg Ned and she Rita chased Cassie out and they quietly buried Gina’s shame which was even more shameful than Laila’s. They only told the story that Cassie wanted of Pa Ned but that wasn’t why. The main issue was when Pa Ned caught Gina and Cassie more than once But they want to disgrace Laila to us, her online in-laws.

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“Even if she did that and so what? Is Ned a faithful husband? Was he not doing small girl Gina behind Laila’s back until she got pregnant and they had to marry? Even tho she lost that first pregnancy according to Gina’s father at that time? This is not fair.

“Laila has gone back to her country, they should leave her alone to enjoy her peace,”


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