Mompha Sues Bobrisky for 1bn Naira Over Allegation that they Used to Be Gay Partners

Social media billionaire Mompha has sued Bobrisky for 1bn Naira for defamatory accusations levelled against him.

According to Mompha, the claims from Bobirksy’s ex-PA, Oye Kyme, that he was a gay partner of Bobrisky should have been denounced by Bobrisky.

Mompha says he has called for Bobrisky to deny it many times but he has refused.

He has therefore sent a warning to him via a letter from his lawyers.

In the letter, they call on Bobrisky to come out publicly and deny the allegations.

They also call on him to deny other allegations he has made against Mompha within seven days of receiving the letter and to pay 1bn Naira in damages.

Failure to do that would lead to a court case.

Read the letter below…


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