Mitch Jones Mizkif Fight Video – Watch

Mitch Jones Mizkif fight video is all the rave right now as social media users search for how to watch the altercation between the two streamers.

Twitch streamers Mitch Jones and Mizkif have taken over the web after Jones claimed he was assaulted by Mizkif.

Mitch Jones claims to have sustained injuries in the fight with Mizkif and showed off them to fans in a video shared on his handles.

In YouTube video, Mitch Jones claimed he and Mizkif got into a fight and was brutally assaulted. He showed off the injuries from the fight which includes a series of bruises on his head and neck and even a chipped tooth.

The Mitch Jones drama with Mizkif has taken over the web as netizens search for more information on it.

Read below for more information on the Mitch Jones Mizkif fight and also how to watch the Mitch Jones Mizkif video.

Mitch Jones Mizkif Fight

mitch jones mizkif fight

On February 6, 2024, Twitch streamer Mitch Jones uploaded a YouTube video titled “I got assaulted by Mizkif”, in which he accused fellow streamer Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo of physically assaulting him in September 2023.

Jones claimed that he was at Mizkif’s home when the two began arguing.

After asking Mizkif to drive him home, the two continued their heated argument in Mizkif’s car, when Mizkif brought the car to a screeching halt in footage captured by a neighbor’s security camera.

In the footage, Mizkif can be seen berating a supposedly battered Jones, who sits on the pavement as Mizkif shouts, “You’re trash!”

“Do you want to do it again?” Mizkif yells. “You said you could take me seven times. Do you even listen to yourself? You’re drunk and on cocaine. I tried to talk to you as a friend. You’re treating me like sh#t. You make me want to kill myself. And all you can say is, ‘F*ck you.’”

Mitch Jones also showed clips of the alleged bruising around his neck and head caused by Mizkif in the fight, including a chipped tooth.

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He said that he “sprained two ligaments in his cervical spine” and still suffers from “lasting issues” due to the situation months later. However, he included no footage of the actual alleged assault itself.

Jones said that he originally told his viewers that his injuries were from a “car wreck”, but he decided to expose the truth because Mizkif was “lying to people behind the scenes”.

Mizkif did not respond publicly to Jones’ allegations.

However, other streamers in the community jumped to the defence of Mizkif, such as Alinity.

“It is so scary being in this industry and dealing with people like this,” she said. “I’m gonna be honest, it actually scares me.”

In response, Jones released a statement which can be read below.

Mitch Jones is an American Twitch streamer and musician, who gained fame playing and streaming the popular video game World of Warcraft.

He has over 570,000 followers on his official Twitch channel.

He started streaming in 2013 and quickly gained popularity, charging subscription for exclusive content and reaching half a million followers.

Jones is also known for his involvement in various controversies and drama, which resulted in his Twitch account receiving lengthy bans.

In 2021, he announced a hiatus from streaming and YouTube, pursuing a music career instead. He has released several singles and an extended play titled “If I Could Go Back”.

Mitch Jones Mizkif video fight

mitch jones mizkif video

The Mitch Jones Mizkif fight video can be watched on Youtube, you can watch the embedded video below.

The fight between Mitch Jones and Mizkif sparked a lot of drama on social media, especially on Twitter and Reddit.

Many fans of both streamers expressed their shock, disbelief, and disappointment at the situation.

Some sided with Jones and condemned Mizkif for his alleged actions, while others doubted Jones’ credibility and accused him of lying or exaggerating.

Some also questioned the timing and motive of Jones’ video, as it came out shortly after Mizkif was involved in another controversy regarding a s#xual assault cover-up allegation by another streamer, Trainwreckstv.

Some examples of tweets and Reddit reactions to the Mitch Jones Mizkif fight are:

“I can’t believe what I just watched. Mitch Jones was one of my favorite streamers and Mizkif was one of his best friends. How could this happen? I hope Mitch gets justice and Mizkif gets what he deserves.”

“Mitch Jones is a known drama queen and attention seeker. He has a history of lying and manipulating his viewers. He is just trying to ruin Mizkif’s reputation and career because he is jealous of his success. Mizkif is innocent until proven guilty.”

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“This is so sad. Mitch and Mizkif used to be such good friends and make great content together. They both helped each other through hard times. I don’t know who to believe, but I hope they can resolve this peacefully and move on.”

“This is a serious allegation and should not be taken lightly. If Mizkif really did assault Mitch, he should face the consequences and be held accountable. Violence is never the answer. I hope OTK does a thorough investigation and takes appropriate action.”

Mizkif is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber, who is known for his gaming live streams and his reaction videos.

He has over 2.1 million followers on his Twitch channel and over 958,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He is a founding member and co-owner of the gaming organization One True King, which consists of several streamers who work together to create content for the organization.

He is also known for his philanthropic efforts, such as holding charity streams for St. David’s Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas.

Mitch Jones drama with Mizkif

mitch jones drama with mizkif

Mizkif and Mitch Jones are two members of the exploding streamer world that we live in these days who are always involved in one sort of drama or another!

Why are twitch streamers so popular these days?

Twitch streamers are popular because they provide unscripted, interactive, and entertaining content directly from their favorite personalities, such as the amazing entertaining drama we’re just getting from the Mitch Jones Mizkif fight!

The direct access coupled with the relatability factor creates an incredibly strong bond between streamer and viewer that even surpasses that of Hollywood celebrities and their fans.

Twitch streamers also offer a variety of content, such as gaming, music, sports, cooking, and Q&A sessions, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Twitch streamers also benefit from the growth of the gaming industry, as more people are interested in watching and playing video games, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fight between Mitch Jones and Mizkif can teach us several lessons, such as:

Violence is never a solution to any problem. It only causes more harm and pain to everyone involved. If you have a conflict with someone, try to communicate and resolve it peacefully and respectfully.

Friendship is a precious thing that should not be taken for granted. Friends should support and care for each other, not hurt and betray each other. If you have a friend who is going through a hard time, try to be there for them and help them out.

Fame and money are not everything. They can bring a lot of pressure and stress, especially in the competitive and demanding world of streaming. They can also change people for the worse, making them greedy, arrogant, or dishonest.

If you are a streamer, try to stay humble, grateful, and authentic, and don’t let fame and money get to your head.

Honesty is the best policy. Lying and hiding the truth can only backfire and damage your reputation and credibility.

If you have done something wrong, admit it and apologize sincerely. If you have been wronged, speak up and seek justice. Don’t let lies and secrets ruin your life.

Twitch issues

The fight between Jones and Mizkif is not the first time that Twitch streamers have been involved in physical altercations.

In 2019, streamers Mitch Jones and Trainwreckstv got into a fistfight at a party, which was caught on camera by another streamer, Esfand.

The fight was reportedly over a girl that both streamers liked. The two later apologized and reconciled.

The fight between Jones and Mizkif is also not the first time that Twitch streamers have been accused of s#xual assault or harassment.

In 2020, several streamers, including Fedmyster, SayNoToRage, and MethodJosh, were accused of s#xual misconduct by multiple women, sparking a wave of #MeToo allegations in the streaming community.

Some of the accused streamers were banned from Twitch, while others faced legal action or public backlash.

The fight between Jones and Mizkif has also raised questions about the role and responsibility of Twitch and other streaming platforms in dealing with such incidents.

Some critics have argued that Twitch and other platforms should do more to prevent, monitor, and punish violence, harassment, and abuse among streamers and viewers, and to protect the safety and well-being of the streaming community.

Some have also suggested that Twitch and other platforms should implement stricter rules, guidelines, and policies to regulate the content and behavior of streamers and viewers, and to enforce them consistently and fairly.

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