Mimi aka Medlin Boss Allegedly Hired Thugs To R*pe and Brutalise her Friend After Exposing her For Using her Brother for Rituals

Mimi Yina aka Medlin Boss allegedly hired thugs to r*pe and brutalise her friend from Port Harcourt after allegedly exposing her for using her brother for rituals!

Gistlover revealed this damning information as the latest in its current ongojng expose of Mimi.

Telling the story of Medlin Boss the serial home wrecker from the beginning, Gistlover revealed that during her early days hustling in Port Harcourt, Medlin Boss allegedly took her own brother for rituals.

A friend who went with her was also attacked by thugs allegedly hired by Mina and r*ped, after news of the rituals spread all over the city.

Mimi accused the friend of exposing her and paid her back by hiring thugs!

Read Gistlover’s latest expose on Mimi below…

“Tales of a Mimi Yina the serial home wrecker popularly known as Medlin Boss, also safe to say Medlin mgbeke meddling into peoples marriage🙄🙄🚶🚶🚶

“Story story, once upon a time, there live a desperate girl in the city of port Harcourt, her name is Mimi Yina and she is a great fashion stylist who does not want to take life one step at a time but want to accumulate wealth overnight by cutting corners.

“She has a bestie in Port Harcourt and her name na Ese, they were so close and go everywhere together. They were doing their Mini runs in Port Harcourt then but na low grade runs, so money wasn’t coming in as expected. One very good day Mimi confided in her friend Ese that she got to know of a church where they can help them Catch big clients and all, she told Ese to follow her and off they went.

“On getting to the place, Ese saw that it’s an herbalist place, after several talks and exchange of pleasantries, Medlin brought out her brothers cap and that got Ese really scared. Long story short after they left there, Ese asked her what the cloth was for and she told Ese it was to get favour for the brother and all, and the matter end there.

“Not long after, Medlin brother fell ill and it was terrible, the illness was for a short while and before we know wetin dey sup, the story of her using her brother for rituals and fame was all over Port Harcourt, if you were in port Harcourt that year, you go Sabi this gist.

“Immediately the story leaked out, Medlin knew where the story came from. She arranged few area boys and off to her friend house, when them meet Ese, they r@ped her, then beat her blue black and warned her say no be everything wey eyes see mouth dey talk.

“The matter was messy then and police were looking for Medlin In Port Harcourt, this made her fled Port Harcourt that year, although after the ritual gist things no still better for Medlin 🤦🤦but fame came in massively.

“This got me thinking🤔abi the brother head no carry Money come ni, I don too watch Nollywood film abi🤣🤣 abi na for just fame him do ni, whatever it is, na only Ese Sabi, because the gist was very messy on social media that year and she dealt with Ese for revealing her secret before running out,”


Soure: Nigeriabombshell.com

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