Mercy Aigbe Was Dating Kazim Adeoti When We Were Married, I Confronted her About It – Lanre Gentry

The ex-husband of Mercy Aigbe, Lanre Gentry, has spoken up to address her new marriage to Kazim Adeoti for the first time.

According to him, he knew for a fact when he was married that his wife was cheating on him.

Lanre, in an interview with Punch newspaper, said he confronted his ex-wife about her infidelity.

He also said Kazim Adeoti’s first wife, Funso, deserves some of the blame for the two failed marriages.

“It is dangerous to bring a person whom you do not know into your home simply because the person is a celebrity,” he said.

Mercy Aigbe husband speaks

Lanre Gentry, who was married to the actress until their divorce in 2017, has now addressed her new marriage.

Mercy Aigbe first husband Lanre Gentry
Mercy Aigbe first husband Lanre Gentry

After their divorce, Mercy has remarried business mogul Kazim Adeoti.

Adeoti was married himself but dumped his wife and kids for the actress.

After their wedding, they released an interview claiming they both left their marriages before starting to date.

Kazim’s first wife has debunked that claim as a lie.

Lanre now says the same thing, claiming he knew they were dating even when he was married.

Mercy Aigbe New husband Kazim Adeoti

Mercy Aigbe husband Kazim Adeoti
Mercy Aigbe and husband Kazim Adeoti

According to Gentry, he first met Kazim when his wife Funso held a party and invited his wife Mercy Aigbe.

“We attended the event, and that was the first time I met Adeoti and his wife. Funso, who was Mercy’s friend at the time, introduced Adeoti to Mercy and I.

“After that, Adeoti used to come to my home, office, and hotel. Mercy later told me they were working together and that he was her marketer.

“I was 100 percent sure that Mercy and Adeoti were seeing (dating) each other, and I used to tell her that what she was doing was very bad,” he said.

Gentry added: “I am a socialite, and I definitely know when something (intimate) is going on between a man and a woman”

Funso Adeoti

Lanre went on to blame his marriage failing on Kazim’s ex-wife, Oluwafunso Asiwaju, for introducing Aigbe to Kazim.

”I do not blame Mercy. The blame should be on Adeoti’s first wife for bringing Mercy into her family.

“People like Funso who love to follow actresses (about) in a bid to make friends with them need to be very careful.

“It is dangerous to bring a person whom you do not know into your home simply because the person is a celebrity,” he added.


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