Meet Victor – BB Naija Emmanuel’s Handsome Younger Brother Who Is His Handler and #EmmaRose Shipper

Nigerians, it’s time to meet BB Naija Emmanuel younger brother Victor Umoh Jr.

Victor Umoh is the younger brother of the BB Naija finalist. He’s also apparently one of his social media handlers and the biggest EmmaRose shipper out there!

Victor has become a fan favourite of social media users due to providing constant updates on the goings and comings of his brother and Liquorose.

He has become a national treasure of EmmaRose shippers!

Since the Big Brother Naija show came to an end, the fans of the Emmanuel and Liquorose relationship have been praying for it to last forever.

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The EmmaRose shippers, as they are called, have been on the lookout for the couple, checking their activities to be sure they are still together.

So far, it seems they are.

They have been going on media rounds together.

And who has been keeping Nigerians informed of their actions? That will be his younger brother.

Who Is Victor Umoh Jr? – BB Naija Emmanuel’s brother

Victor is the super handsome younger brother of Emmanuel who is now a social media sensation.

Checks on his Instagram page show he’s a very close photocopy of his brother.

Not only does he have good looks just like Emmanuel, Victor also looks like someone who takes very good care of his body.

That tallies with his brother’s model image.

Victor looks like he’s already on his way to become a model himself!

He has risen to stardom by chronicling his brother and Liquorose’s movements and keeping EmmaRose shippers updated.

He has now been tagged as ‘premium Kayode’.

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Check out photos of Victor Umoh Jr below…


Emmanuel Umoh and Roseline Afije met and apparently fell in love during the 2021 BB Naija reality show.

Emmanuel was cold and aloof whilst Liquorose was warm and exciting, so detractors kept saying their ship would crash.

Those who follow their relationship, the so-called ‘EmmaRose’ shippers, continue to maintain their love is real.

For now, the EmmaRose shippers appear to be winning but only time will tell if this relationship is truly for real.


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