MC Morris Kicks Portable off his Canadian Show for Foolishly Sacking his Manager and Promoter

Canada based Nigerian comedian MC Morris has kicked Portable off his upcoming show for abruptly sacking his manager, promoter and DJ.

According to Morris, he has no interest in working with Portable anymore because of his actions.

MC Morris revealed on social media that he has yanked Portable from his show.

Morris wrote to the Canadian embassy to revoke the Zazu Zeh hitmaker’s visa as well.

His actions are due to Portable angrily sacking his entire team Monday. reported the singer claims his entire team is ungrateful.

He sacked them all in a live video.

Morris angrily reacted by kicking Portable off his tour.

Portable MC Morris

According to him, talent alone with a stinking attitude is not enough for success.

He wrote: “For those that are asking why I removed Idamu Adugboyin from my May 22 show. Talent is not enough, a beautiful song without a beautiful attitude is a beautiful nonsense. 

“Two managers in less than a year, even sack innocent DJ that his job na to play song and scratch shaka shaka. I cannot koshi mero am sorry,” 

Morris also wrote to Immigration in Canada to deny Portable’s visa. is stunned at this turn of events!

Considering Portable has made himself difficult to work with, it is understandable if others decide not to associate with him.


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