Marry A Man Who Wants to Be A Husband – Jada Pollock Throws Shade at Wizkid

Music executive Jada Pollock, manager and baby mama of ‘Essence’ singer Wizkid, has taken a bold shot at him.

Jada has taken to social media to advice women to look for men who are ready to settle down and act as a husband.

According to Jada, don’t just look for a man who wants a wife but someone actually ready to be a husband as well.

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Jada was with Wizkid and probably thought he was ready to be a husband but the singer just turned her into another baby mama.

From the look of things, the next man Jada dates must be ready to marry or else she would kick him to the curb.

Check out her post below…

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Do you think she’s taking shots at Wizkid?


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