Who Were Lorraine Decarli and Frank Cirioni? Niantic Couple Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

An elderly couple from Niantic, Connecticut, Lorraine Decarli and her husband Frank Cirioni, were found dead in an apparent murder suicide.

Two people were found deceased in a home in the Niantic section of East Lyme on Friday, April 5th 2024.

Officers had been called to the home located on 48 Billow Road after a neighbor expressed concern that the residents of the home had not been seen for a while and could not be reached either.

Police arrived and found an elderly couple dead of gunshot wounds.

They were identified as Lorraine Decarli, 77 years old and Frank Cironi, 76 years old.

Police said their investigations determined that the couple had died in a murder-suicide.

The office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled that the cause and manner of death of Lorraine Decarli, 77, of 48 Billow Road was homicide by gunshot, and the cause and manner of death of Frank Cirioni, 76, of 48 Billow Road, was suicide by gunshot.

Essentially, Decarli was shot by her husband who subsequently committed suicide.

A cousin of the Cirioni, Kathleen Mitchell on Facebook, confirmed their deaths and said they had been a lovely couple of over 30 years but that her cousin suffered from PTSD.

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Frank Cirioni was a former Marine who had also worked as a New London police officer.

Mitchell wrote on Facebook: “I’m Kathleen Mitchell, The page administrator for Whale Tales. Frankie Cirioni was my cousin and Lorraine Decarli was his partner of over 30 years.

“They were a very loving, inseparable couple and I hardly ever saw one without the other. I don’t even remember having a phone conversation without Frankie saying “Wait.

“I’ve got to tell Lorraine.” or “Did you hear that, Lorraine?”

“But the sad truth that led to this tragedy is that Frankie suffered from PTSD from his turbulent years as a Marine. My heart is broken.

“If you or anyone you know is struggling with PTSD or suicidal thoughts, dial 988, then press 1 or call 1-800-273-8255 press 1,”

She also told TheDay.com in an interview: “There was no Frankie without Lorraine,” Mitchell said. “They did everything together.”

Mitchell said Cirioni was very gentle and sweet, and Decarli was “a sweetheart.”

“She was kind. She was intelligent. She was compassionate, and she took care of my cousin, Frankie,” Mitchell said.

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