Who is Lane Kokshoorn? – Grafton Plane Crash Kills Gold Coast Man and Son

Lane Kokshoorn is an Australian Gold Coast man who together with his son tragically died in a plane crash in Northern New South Wales.

Lane Kokshoorn, who is in his 30s, was in a recreational kit plane on Tuesday morning with his son, who is under 10 years old. 

Together, they flew through Lilydale and Grafton in northern NSW before clipping a set of powerlines, crashing onto the banks of Clarence River and bursting into flames.  

Both tragically died at the scene.

Currently people are on the prowl to learn all they can about this terrible tragedy and the subjects at its center.

In this article, we breakdown all we know about Lane Kokshoon Gold Coast and the Grafton plane crash.

Who is Lane Kokshoorn Gold Coast?

lane kokshoorn gold coast

Lane Kokshoorn is an Australian Gold Coast man, believed to be in his 30s, who alongside his son died in a tragic plane crash in Northern New South Wales.

Kokshoorn, a professional pilot who is believed to have previously worked with a Japanese airline, and his son, who is believed was his only child, were flying in the Highlander Rotax 914UL plane on Monday morning. 

They reportedly stopped to rest overnight before continuing on their journey the following Tuesday morning. 

However, that was when tragedy sadly struck Lane Kokshoorn Gold Coast and his son.

The duo died after their recreational kit plane crashed into powerlines on Winegrove Road in Lilydale, near Grafton, just after 8.30am Tuesday.

“A recreational aircraft clipped a powerline, as a consequence of that then crashed onto the banks of the Clarence River,” Acting Inspector Aaron van Schaik said yesterday.

“Unfortunately, the plane caught fire after the impact.”

Police believe the plane was headed in a westerly direction before the crash.

About 186 homes lost power in Lilydale after the crash but it has been restored.

Lane Kokshoorn Gold Coast is a commercial pilot and has worked with ANA/Air Japan.

His bio reads: “An experienced Global 7500 Captain with a career that has spanned the globe with extensive experience in international operations including end to end services in the VVIP/VIP corporate jet environment requiring an open mindset, utmost flexibility and adaptability while upholding the highest levels of safety and standard operating procedures,”

Lane is described as “one of the youngest Captains in ANA/Air Japan on the B767-300ER, promoted under a very strict, demanding and challenging check and training system,”

He is also a licensed helicopter pilot.

Kokshoorn is certified to fly on planes including the Boeing B-767, Boeing B-717, Global 7500 and Boeing B-787.

Lane Kokshoorn Gold Coast flew the Boeing 787’s for All Nippon Airlines – one of Japan’s biggest airlines operating out of Tokyo.

Southport Flying Club has paid tribute to Mr Kokshoorn, saying the committed club member was ‘devoted’ to his family.

Steve Rance, aerodrome manager at the club, said Mr Kokshoorn had been flying with the club for over a decade and visited up to five times a week.

“He was a devoted family man who loved his son very much,” Mr Rance said.

“I feel heartbroken for his partner. It’s something she will never get over,”

Mr Rance said the father and son were in good spirits when they left the Southport Flying Club at about 9am on Monday.

Gold Coaster Lane Kokshoorn and son killed in Grafton Plane Crash

lane kokshoorn grafton plane crash

Authorities have confirmed a man in his 30s and a young boy died in a light plane crash near Grafton in northern New South Wales.

The deceased were identified as Gold Coast man Lane Kokshoorn and his son.

The aircraft, reportedly described by authorities as a “homemade-type plane”, crashed on a rural property at Lilydale on Tuesday at about 9am after clipping powerlines. It hit the ground next to the Clarence River and caught fire.

Acting Insp Aaron van Schaik said the plane had initially taken off from the Gold Coast on Monday and stopped over at an unknown location overnight before taking off again on Tuesday morning.

Police want to speak to anyone who saw the crash or has information on where the plane was headed. Van Schaik said the Australian Transport Safety Bureau was consulted as part of the investigation.

Gold Coast Australia

The below is culled from the Wikipedia entry for Gold Coast, Queensland.

The Gold Coast, often referred to by its initials G.C., and officially the City of Gold Coast, is the nation’s sixth-largest city, most populous non-capital city in the Australian state of Queensland and the state’s second-largest city after Brisbane, with a population over 600,000.

The Gold Coast is a coastal city and region located approximately 66 kilometres (41 mi) south-southeast of the centre of the state capital Brisbane. 

The city’s central business district is located roughly in the centre of the Gold Coast in the suburb of Southport.

The urban area of the Gold Coast is concentrated along the coast sprawling almost 60 kilometers, joining up with the Greater Brisbane Metropolitan Area to the north and to the state border with New South Wales to the south. 

Nicknames of the city include, the ‘Glitter Strip’ and the ‘Goldy’. The demonym of a Gold Coast resident is Gold Coaster.

The area that became the Gold Coast was originally inhabited by the indigenous Yugambeh people. 

The city grew out from a collection of small townships, the earliest being Nerang in 1865. 

From the 1920s on, tourism led to the economic prosperity for the region, and by 1959 was declared a city with its first skyscraper in 1960. 

The Gold Coast boomed from the 1980s on with skyscraper construction, this era was defined by the city’s ‘white-shoe brigade’ developers, neon lights, and organised crime particularly the Yakuza and the Russian mafia.

The late 20th century saw the city’s tourism diversify with theme park openings, and in the early 21st century became an international destination for film production.

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