Khosi Sets Social Media Ablaze As She Reunites With Yemi The ‘Player’ – Video Goes Viral

BB Titans Khosi has set social media ablaze after reuniting with Nigerian colleague Yemi Cregx.

The two were the first ship to form on BB Titans but then promptly sunk as Yemi pushed Khosi into the ‘friendzone’ to enable him chase other girls.

A furious Khosi said she cannot be just friends with Yemi and said they should just be housemates going forward.

The Nigerian went on to flirt for days with other female housemates such as Blue Aiva etc.

Khosis has also been heard calling Yemi a player a few times.

After cutting him out of her life, BB Titans Khosi reunited with Mr Cregx abruptly late Wednesday, early Thursday.

Khosi jumped into Yemi’s bed as they shared a kiss.


Social media went agog over the moment.

Check some reactions below…


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