Kelvin Fires Back at Cubana Chief Priest as His Brother Shares Photos with Maria from A Coded Location

Cubana Chief Priest‘s brother-in-law has fired back at him as their public beef continues.

A brother of Kelvin, the estranged husband of Cubana’s sister, has fired missiles at the popular celebrity barman.

Taking a series of photos with Maria, Kelvin’s brother warned Cubana Chief Priest to stop trying to drag Kelvin or they would release secrets about his own marriage.

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Taking to Instagram Kelvin’s brother shared photos chilling with Maria and dropped warnings for the Chief Priest.

“Tell Otondo Chief priest to call me…we know your story for street, we know about your wives too. You cannot drag my family and now mute. Come out make we drag ourselves,” he wrote.

Cubana has been fighting a mega battle against Kelvin, who was married to his sister.

He alleged that Kelvin has cheated on his sister with BB Naija Maria, and that Maria has also threatened her life.

Kelvin has yet to speak but Maria in these photos with Kelvin’s brother seems to be taking shots at the Chief Priest as well.

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Check out the attack from Kelvin’s brother on Cubana Chief Priest below…


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