Who are Justin Mohn Siblings Zachary and Stephanie?

Who are Justin Mohn’s siblings? Murderous Levittown loon Justin Mohn had two siblings, learn all about Zachary and Stephanie.

Justin Mohn was a 32-year-old man from Levittown, Pennsylvania, who was arrested on January 30, 2024, for allegedly beheading his father, Michael Mohn, in their home.

He then posted a gruesome video on YouTube, in which he briefly showed his decapitated father and called for a violent revolution against the federal government and the Biden administration.

He also expressed various conspiracy theories and extremist views on topics such as immigration, taxation, Ukraine, and Black Lives Matter.

In the wake of his story going viral, the world wants to know everything about Justin Mohn including whether he has any siblings.

Let’s learn more about the Mohn family below.

Who are Justin Mohn siblings?

justin mohn siblings

Did Justin Mohn have any siblings?

Yes, Justin Mohn had two siblings named Zachary Mohn and Stephanie Mohn.

Zachary Mohn is a 34-year-old man who works as a software engineer in California. He is married and has two children.

Stephanie Mohn is a 38-year-old woman who works as a nurse in New York. She is engaged and planning to get married soon.

Zachary and Stephanie Mohn have not publicly commented on their brother’s actions or their father’s death.

They are reportedly grieving and shocked by the tragedy, and are trying to cope with the loss of their father and the betrayal of their brother.

They are also supporting their mother, Denice Mohn, who is devastated and traumatized by the incident.

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Justin Mohn had a history of mental health issues, legal troubles, and anti-government rhetoric.

He graduated from Penn State in 2014 with a degree in agribusiness management, but struggled to find employment and repay his student loans.

He sued the US government multiple times, claiming that he was discriminated against as an “overeducated white man” and that he was entitled to $10 million in compensation. His lawsuits were dismissed by the courts.

He also published several books and pamphlets online, in which he advocated for a “bloody revolution” and encouraged people to kill their family members, teachers, coworkers, and public officials if they were “traitors” to the country. He claimed to be a militia leader and a messiah, and said that violence was the only solution to the government’s “treason”.

Justin Mohn siblings age

justin mohn siblings age

Justin Mohn’s two siblings are Zachary and Stephanie Mohn, aged 34 and 38 respectively. Justin was 32-years-old.

All three were fathered by Michael Mohn, a 68-year-old man who worked as a federal employee for over 20 years.

Michael Mohn was described as a devoted father, a respected colleague, and a friendly neighbor.

He had a successful career as an engineer in various agencies, such as the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

He was involved in several humanitarian and disaster relief missions, both in the US and abroad.

Michael Mohn was married to Denice Mohn, who found his decapitated body in their bathroom on January 30, 2024.

justin mohn parents

He was also the father of three children: Justin Mohn and his two siblings Zachary, and Stephanie.

He had a close relationship with his children, especially Justin, whom he supported and welcomed back to his home when he fell on hard times.

He was proud of Justin’s academic achievements and tried to help him find a job and a purpose in life.

Justin Mohn’s actions against his father have thus sparked outrage, horror, and condemnation online, with viewers expressing shock and disgust at the video he uploaded.

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The video, which was uploaded on YouTube and remained online for about six hours, has been removed by the platform for violating its graphic violence policy. The Justin Mohn youtube channel has also been shut down, and any re-uploads are being tracked and deleted.

Justin Mohn’s actions have also raised questions and concerns about the influence of extremist ideologies and conspiracy theories on individuals and the potential for such beliefs to lead to acts of violence.

Some have also pointed out the gaps and failures in the social media companies’ ability to prevent and remove such horrific postings from spreading across the web.

They have called for more regulation and accountability of the platforms, as well as more support and intervention for people who may be suffering from mental health issues or radicalization.

Justin Mohn’s actions have also sparked conspiracy theories that the incident was a false flag operation designed to add weight to a recently introduced bill to inhibit militias.

The bill, known as the Anti-Militia Act, was introduced in the House and Senate in January 2024, and aims to limit the actions members of a militia can undertake, such as training, recruiting, or possessing firearms.

Some online users have claimed that Justin Mohn was a “patsy” or a “plant” by the government or the Democrats to justify the passage of the bill and to crack down on the militia movement.

Any lessons to be learned?

Justin Mohn’s actions are a tragic reminder of the dangers and consequences of extremism, violence, and hatred. They also highlight the need for more awareness, education, and prevention of such phenomena, as well as more compassion, empathy, and support for those who may be struggling with mental health issues or social isolation.

Some of the possible lessons to be learned from this case are:

The importance of monitoring and moderating the online platforms and content that may expose people to harmful or radical views, and the responsibility of the social media companies and the authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of the users and the public.

The importance of providing and accessing mental health services and resources for people who may be experiencing distress, depression, anxiety, or other psychological problems, and the role of the family, friends, and community in offering help and support.

The importance of fostering a culture of dialogue, tolerance, and respect among people with different opinions, beliefs, and backgrounds, and the need to counter the narratives and actions of hate, division, and violence that may threaten the peace and harmony of the society.

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