JJC Skillz Cheated On Funke And Mello Whilst Living In Their Home And Has Now Moved Into New Wife’s House – Juicy Gist Drops

Funke Akindele’s ex-husband, JJC Skillz allegedly cheated on his British baby mama Mello and Funke whilst living in their homes.

Blogger Cutie Juls revealed this in a post on social media, pointing out that as the reason both ladies kicked him out.

Interestingly, Skillz has now moved into his new wife‘s home and Cutie is wondering if history will repeat itself.

“Omo but this is getting serious. Skillz moved into [British baby mama] Benito’s mom’s house. He cheated in her house and she chased him out.

“Moved into Funke’s house. He cheated in her house and she chased him out. He has since moved into his new wife’s house. Hopefully history won’t repeat itself,” the blogger wrote.

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Check out Cutie’s revelation that JJC Skillz cheated on both Funke and Mello.

The revelation comes after JJC Skillz recently remarried after his divorce from Funke.

As Nigeriabombshell.com noted, reports emerged Thursday, March 2nd 2023 that JJC Skillz had remarried barely a year after separating from filmmaker Funke Akindele.

Reports said he tied the knot with an Ebira woman in a secret ceremony in Kano. Barely a few photos of the event surfaced online.

A day later and more photos emerged alongside more information on the lady, Falilat Raji from Kogi State.

Blogger Tosin Silverdam shared some photos of the event with the caption: “I finally got something on JJC Skillz and his new wife. He only attended one event, and came with his photographer. They live in Abuja Life Camp and the wife works with an NGO…. Allegedly,”

JJC Skillz son Benito disowns him

Benito, the son of Nigerian former rapper and filmmaker, Abdulrasheed Bello a.k.a JJC Skillz and his British baby mama Mello, has distanced himself from him.

Taking to Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls’ blog, Benito announced it to the world that he has disowned his father.

Benito publicly stated that he no longer wants to be addressed as a Bello. According to him, he has now adopted his maternal grandfather’s surname, Andrews.


Cutie later explained that Andrews is his mother’s name.

Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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