Conway Man Shot and Killed by Police After Driving Car Into Wife’s Massage Parlor to Kill Her

James Lee McDaniel is a Conway, Arkansas man who was shot and killed by police after barricading himself inside his wife’s massage business.

McDaniel accused his wife, Chrissy, of throwing away their 17-year marriage by cheating on him.

He thus stormed her place of business, the Massage Envy in Conway, by driving his car through the building, armed with a firearm intending to cause her harm.

He shared a couple of posts on Facebook stating his intention but authorities luckily surrounded the venue during which a shootout occurred and McDaniel was killed.

James Lee and Chrissy McDaniel Conway

james lee and chrissy mcdaniel conway

On the morning of Saturday, April 6th 2024, Conway Police responded to call at Massage Envy at 1040 South Amity Road.

A man was reported to have driven his vehicle into the business, smashing through its wall.

Officers arrived and found an armed male who barricaded himself in a room.

The man, later identified as Jesse Lee McDaniel, barricaded himself into a room at the business.

The SWAT and Negotiations Teams responded to the incident and while talking with the subject he fired at officers who then returned fire.

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McDaniel was hit and despite being provided with emergency medical care and later being transported to a local hospital, he died.

No officers were injured in the shootout and likewise no one else died at Massage Envy.

Authorities are yet to release details of those involved but several posts on Facebook identified Jesse Lee McDaniel as the shooter and his wife as Chrissy McDaniel.

Christina serves as the manager at Massage Envy, situated within the Lewis Crossing Shopping Center in Conway.

One post showing McDaniel having driven his car through his wife’s business wrote: “Man catches wife cheating in Conway Arkansas drove the car through her job & had a shoot out with swat today. He also died after,”

Jesse Lee McDaniel had also posted on Facebook exactly what he had planned, writing: “You thought it was a fxking joke 17 years and you just walk away that easy I don’t think so that sht ain’t for me,”

In the same rambling post, he said cops had stormed the massage business but he was armed and had no fear.

“Here we are Chrissy massage envy …lock and loaded got cops wanting (waving?) God damn guns at me like they think they’re any f*cking danger,” his rambling post said.

He said in a separate post: “Everyone wants to know what’s on my mind, taking my family and a disloyal wife. Everyone, take a look at Massage Envy and the manager in Conway, Arkansas, Christina McDaniel, who is known for maintaining great relationships in the massage group. She can’t seem to remain faithful in her own.”

Some comments implored him to reconsider his plans.

“Please, please Jimmy, this will end badly. Please stop. God does not want this, your family doesn’t want this for you,”

Eventually, Jimmy did not stop and thankfully the cops managed to ‘handle’ him and keep his wife safe.

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