Jaruma Empire Goes Mad In Rehab – Video Surfaces Showing Kayanmata Seller Going Mad 

A video of popular Kayanmata seller Jaruma Empire going mad during her time in rehab has popped up online and sparked reactions.

In the video, Jaruma is seen behaving immensely strangely as she’s seen moving about erratically and screaming nonsensically.

Social media quickly concluded the video was showing Jaruma in rehabilitation center.

“This is Jaruma Empire, known as Kayan Mata vendor,” X user @adduirizzy captioned the accompanying video.

“Now, you’ll begin to see many people whom she used to consider her true friends distance themselves from her. Her luxurious lifestyle will vanish. People who once admired her will mock or ridicule her,”

Watch the video below…

Reactions on social media were split over whether Jaruma had really gone mad or was simply clout chasing.

“Is she mad?,” one netizen asked to which the original poster replied: “according to multiple reports, yes”

However, others were quicker to dismiss the reports.

jaruma empire in rehab

“It’s funny how you guys still don’t know that this is staged and she’s a clout chaser. She’s Mad and her closet is still so arranged lol,” one netizen wrote on X.

Another said: “Not meaning to sound insensitive, but then we are in an era where it is hard to believe anything on social media. This can be some sort of publicity stunt. Who is the person recording her by the way and what is the person’s motive?”

A third said: “Mad people wear wig now?”

Finally: “Dey play my fans… No1 clout chaser after mummy of Lagos Bobrisky, person wey mad trutru go don scatter all those fine clothes, tear am into pieces…”

Meanwhile, Seun Kuti, the controversial son of legendary singer and activist Fela Kuti, was seen jubilating over the seeming fate of Jaruma Empire in rehab.

“So una no tell me say my juju don catch that prostitute wey dey sell Toto lotion give girls 9999. See let me tell all of you children. I am an African o and all of una wey try me, I dey try una back. From the burnt house comedian to the crazy Toto cream seller. Una Dey madt!!!” he wrote.

About a week ago, news went viral about Jaruma Empire in rehabilitation center.

Popular blogger, Cutie Juls broke the news, writing: “Our sister, Jaruma is currently in rehab undergoing substance abus£ cleaning. Please remember Jaruma in your prayers.

“God bless us all,”

Who is Jaruma Empire?

who is jaruma empire?

Jaruma Empire, also known as Jaruma the Kayanmata seller, is a Nigerian brand founded by Hauwa Saidu Mohammed.

The popular kayanmata seller was born in 1993 and began her business career selling pots, hair, and dresses. She hails from Billiri local government area of Gombe State.

She attended New Capital Nursery and Primary School in Asokoro, Abuja and Nigerian Turkish International College, Abuja. 

In 2004, she was admitted into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria but left before the end of her program to study International Relations and Human Therapy in Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey.

From 2010, she founder her company, Jaruma Empire which is best known for its herbal products, which are said to enhance s.x.**al performance and promote intimacy. 

Jaruma has been a controversial figure in Nigeria, with some praising her for her entrepreneurial spirit and others criticizing her for her claims about her products.

In 2016, she started a YouTube channel to promote the therapeutic benefits of Azanza Garckeana, also known as Snot Apple, Mutohwe, African chewing gum, gorontula, tula kola nut, or morojwa. 

The channel’s increasing audience formed the market for her product line when they were released in 2017.

Jaruma’s products have been the subject of much debate in Nigeria. 

Whilst some people believe that they are effective and can help to improve sexual performance, others believe that they are ineffective and that Jaruma’s claims about them are false. 

Jaruma has also been criticized for her use of social media to promote her products. 

Some people believe that her methods are exploitative and that she is taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities.

In 2023, Jaruma Empire appeared to have lost a ton of credibility when she was taken to rehab due to drug abuse.

Many people called her out online, wondering why she sold products with so many magical promises yet could not save herself. 

Despite the controversy, Jaruma Empire has become a successful business. 

Her products are popular in Nigeria and other African countries. 

Jaruma has also expanded her business to include other products, such as beauty products and clothing.

Here are some of the products that Jaruma Empire sells:

  1. Jaruma Royal Honey: This is a honey-based product that is said to enhance s.**al performance and increase libido.
  2.  Jaruma Kayanmata: This is a herbal product that is said to tighten the kp*kus and make it more sensitive.
  3.  Jaruma Beauty Products: Jaruma also sells a line of beauty products, including face creams, soaps, and lotions.
  4.  Jaruma Fashion: Jaruma also sells a line of clothing, including dresses, abayas, and hijabs.

The kayanmata vendor was married to Ross Isabor (2018-2021).

In 2022, Ross Isabor posted on his Instagram page that he has divorced Jaruma a long time ago and warned her to desist from using his name to sell fake products.

Jaruma Empire is a controversial company, but it is also a successful one. 

She has been able to build a thriving business by marketing her products to a large audience of women in Nigeria and other African countries.

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