Who is Janet Garcia? Everett Woman Arrested for 4-year-old Son Ariel’s Murder

Janet Garcia, an Everett, Washington woman has been arrested and charged with the murder of her son, Ariel Garcia.

Police said Ariel was last seen around 7 a.m. Wednesday in an apartment on the 4800 block of Vesper Drive.

He was reported missing “under suspicious circumstances” by a relative around 4 p.m. Wednesday.

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) issued an Endangered Missing Person Advisory (EMPA) for Ariel Thursday evening.

Around 5:55 p.m. Thursday, officers were notified that a body was located along I-5 in Pierce County.

Shortly after, detectives arrived at the location and confirmed the body was the missing 4-year-old.

Janet now faces serious charges over her son’s death.

Who is Janet Garcia Everett?

janet garcia arrested for her murder of her son ariel garcia

Janet Garcia is an Everett, Washington woman who was arrested in connection with the death of her 4-year-old son.

The case has garnered significant media attention due to the tragic nature of the crime.

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According to reports, Janet Garcia was taken into custody by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) on Wednesday for making “false and misleading statements” after her son went missing.

Following the discovery of his body, she now faces charges including first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and assault of a child.

According to news reports, Ariel’s body was found on the side of an interstate.

Prior to his disappearance, his grandmother had filed for emergency guardianship, citing concerns about Janet Garcia’s substance abuse and its impact on her ability to care for Arie.

Arrest documents released Friday afternoon claim Janet Garcia was arrested with blood on her shirt while police were actively looking for the boy.

Investigators reportedly found a substantial amount of blood in the apartment where Ariel was staying with his mother in Everett.

“She said that morning, her son fell and hit his head, she took him to the hospital but the wait was too long so she left, and dropped him with a friend in Seattle,” a detective wrote in the filing.

Janet Garcia told detectives she then took a bus to Ridgefield, Washington and did not know what happened to her son.

Garcia was booked into the Snohomish County jail Friday evening.

Prior to the disappearance of Ariel, his grandmother had filed for legal guardianship to take him away from his mother who she said was incapable of being a parent due to substance abuse.

Ariel’s grandmother told a court that she had immediate concerns about his safety while under his mother’s care, according to court records.

“I love my grandson, and I want to protect him from whatever his mom is capable of while she is on drugs. He trusts me and feels safe with me. Since I have cared for Ariel all these years, I am already aware of his needs,” the grandmother wrote in an affidavit.

The grandmother said the boy became scared of his mother and did not want to be around her.

“While she is on drugs, she is not capable of parenting. Her want for drugs and alcohol makes her leave for days at a time without notice. Luckily, since they live with me, I can step in when this happens. Her behavior has become very violent and unpredictable,” the grandmother wrote.

She went on to say Janet Garcia had taken him to a bar to drink within the last few days and would leave the boy with his other brother without supervision.

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“I am completely heartbroken for the family and friends of Ariel Garcia and they will remain in my thoughts as they grieve this unbelievably tragic loss,” said Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin.

“I want to commend our Everett Police Department leadership, the many hard-working men and women that make up our team and our law enforcement partners throughout the region for all your work investigating this case.

“I also want to thank our media partners and the public for their help disseminating information and sharing tips – it really does make a difference,”


Everett is the county seat and most populous city of Snohomish County, Washington, United States.

It is 25 miles (40 km) north of Seattle and is one of the main cities in the metropolitan area and the Puget Sound region. Everett is the seventh-most populous city in the state by population, with 110,629 residents as of the 2020 census.

The city is primarily situated on a peninsula at the mouth of the Snohomish River along Port Gardner Bay, an inlet of Possession Sound (itself part of Puget Sound), and extends to the south and west.

The Port Gardner Peninsula has been inhabited by the Snohomish people for thousands of years, whose main settlement, hibulb, was located at Preston Point near the mouth of the river.

Modern settlement in the area began with loggers and homesteaders arriving in the 1860s, but plans to build a city were not conceived until 1890.

A consortium of East Coast investors seeking to build a major industrial city acquired land in the area and filed a plat for “Everett”, which they named in honor of Everett Colby, the son of investor Charles L. Colby.

The city was incorporated in 1893, shortly after the arrival of the Great Northern Railway, and prospered as a major lumber center with several large sawmills.

Everett became the county seat in 1897 after a dispute with Snohomish contested over several elections and a Supreme Court case. The city was the site of labor unrest during the 1910s, which culminated in the Everett massacre in 1916 that killed several members of the Industrial Workers of the World.

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