Who is James Dawkins? Man Arrested for Stabbing Miami Pastor Antwane Lenoir

James Dawkins, 44, has been arrested for stabbing and killing a Miami Area pastor, Antwane Lenoir, 41.

Dawkins stabbed Lenoir multiple times Saturday, April 6th 2024 at Westview Baptist Church on NW 24th Avenue in Miami following a verbal altercation.

According to reports, Lenoir had temporarily allowed Dawkins – who played the keyboard at the church – to reside in the church building.

However, it got to a point that the pastor wanted to end the arrangement but Dawkins refused, leading to him calling in a locksmith to change the locks to several doors.

This action led to a verbal showdown between the duo which ended with Dawkins stabbing Lenoir dead.

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Police arrested the suspect Sunday in the area of NW 62nd Street and NW 27th Avenue and took him into custody.

He faces charges of first-degree murder.

james dawkins miami antwane lenoir

“There’s so much I can say but I don’t know what to say. I never would’ve thought, never would’ve dreamed that my grandson would leave me,” said Patty Jones-Woods, the pastor’s grandmother.

“Anybody take somebody away, that’s been so good, gave you a place to stay, gave you food and then you do this to them?” said Helen Lenoir, the pastor’s mother.

The deceased was a father of four, his wife revealed.

His killer is being held without bond.

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