It Was All For Clout! Tiwa Shockingly Admits Releasing her Own Tape – Says ‘It’s the Game’

Prepare to be shocked because Tiwa Savage has opened up about her leaked tape and admitted releasing it herself.

According to the ‘Somebody’s Son’ singer, everything that happened is all ‘part of ‘the game’.

So logically, we can conclude releasing her own tape to chase clout and amplify her music was the ‘game’ that she played!

Tiwa Savage trended all over earlier this week after her intimate video she had warned was out there was released.

The video showed Tiwa having s*x with a man with everything showing, including her face to let us know it was really her.

The singer had earlier told us she was being blackmailed and wasn’t ready to pay any money to the blackmailer therefore her tape was likely to be released.

After its release, people sympathised with her for going through something this traumatic but Tiwa is now admitting to releasing it herself.

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After the video was released, there were some who swore Tiwa did it herself to make her music trend since she had a new album out.

Most people did not want to believe that but it appears that’s exactly what happened.

Tiwa Reacts

In a new post on Instagram, Tiwa reacted to the trending tape and made fans know that she had a hand in it.

She said everything that happened is part of the game and people should not speak about it again!

Tiwa wrote: “Charge that sh*t to the game n never speak on it again,”

We hear you Tiwa.

Reactions on social media have picked up her subtle messaging as one commenter said: “I knew it was all for clout, all those a queen I stan are now in the mud,”

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Clout indeed. The world is really going mad these days.

Check out Tiwa’s post below…do you agree her post is a clear admission for releasing her own tape?

Let’s hear your thoughts…


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