Ishowspeed Elephant Toothpaste – Is Ishowspeed Still in the Hospital?

Ishowspeed elephant toothpaste experiment gone wrong has led to the extremely popular streamer being rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Controversial streamer Darren Watkins popularly known as Ishowspeed is no news to making headlines. Every other day, Speed finds a way to top all the trends.

His latest controversial action leading him to trend involves Ishowspeed attempting to the infamous elephant toothpaste experiment at home.

The elephant toothpaste experiment involves attempting to create a chemical solution dubbed ‘elephant toothpaste’. It is a volatile chemical reaction which can easily go wrong.

According to reports, when Ishowspeed tried the Elephant toothpaste experiment, things went wrong and fumes engulfed his room.

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The Youtuber had to be rushed to the hospital and got treated for minor burns.

This has led many people wondering what happened to Ishowspeed and whether ishowspeed is ok. Others want to know is Ishowsped still in the hospital?

In this article, we break down everything that went down in the Ishowspeed Elephant toothpaste experiment.

Ishowspeed in Hospital

ishowspeed elephant toothpaste hospital

Popular streamer Ishowspeed had to be rushed to the hospital after an experiment gone wrong, leading many to wonder – is Ishowspeed still in the hospital?

Ishowsped has been discharged after being rushed to the hospital on October 3rd for attempting the infamous Elephant Toothpaste experiment.

According to reports, the Elephant toothpaste experiment involves mixing hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodide, and dish soap in a bottle, which causes a chemical reaction that produces a large amount of foam.

IShowSpeed attempted to do the experiment but the reaction turned out to be much more powerful than he expected. 

The foam overflowed and spilled onto the floor, forcing IShowSpeed to evacuate his apartment after which he had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Watch the video of Ishowspeed Elephant toothpaste experiment that landed him in hospital below…

Reacting to the video, social media users lamented his penchant for engaging in extreme acts.

“N#igga a danger to his self ,” a fan wrote on Instagram.

“They gonna have to put homie on that Britney Spears ish,” another wrote.

On Reddit, opinions followed a similar trajectory.

“This kid is gonna die before hes 30 after all the dumb sh#t hes been doing” one redditor said.

“What a dumass the effects of breathing it in a closed space is not good,” another said.

A third redditor added; “Dude is training an entire generation of 5-12 year olds to do the dumbest shit,”

Ishowspeed Elephant Toothpaste Lands Him in Hospital

ishowspeed elephant toothpaste

So is Ishowspeed still in the hospital? 

According to what we’ve learned, Ishowspeed was treated for minor burns and released from the hospital later that day. 

He has since apologized to his fans for the incident and warned them not to attempt the experiment at home.

So what is the elephant toothpaste experiment that landed Ishowspeed in trouble and left people wondering if he is still in the hospital?

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According to Wikipedia, “Elephant’s toothpaste is a foamy substance caused by the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) using potassium iodide (KI) or yeast and warm water as a catalyst.

About 50 ml of concentrated (>12%) hydrogen peroxide is first mixed with liquid soap or dishwashing detergent. 

Then, a catalyst, often around 10 ml potassium iodide solution or catalase from baker’s yeast, is added to make the hydrogen peroxide decompose very quickly. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water. As a small amount of hydrogen peroxide generates a large volume of oxygen, the oxygen quickly pushes out of the container.

The soapy water traps the oxygen, creating bubbles, and turns into foam.

About 5-10 drops of food coloring could also be added before the catalyst to dramatize the effect. 

How rapidly the reaction occurs will depend on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide used.

Because it requires only a small number of ingredients and makes a “volcano of foam”, it is a popular experiment for children to perform in school or at parties,”

Elephant toothpaste Experiment – Is it dangerous or toxic?

Per what we’ve learned, elephant toothpaste is can be dangerous and it usually depends on the percentage of hydrogen peroxide used.

It appears the Ishowspeed elephant toothpaste experiment used a stronger percentage of hydrogen peroxide than is usually found in homes, making it extremely toxic.

Unreacted hydrogen peroxide has been proven to be an irritant.

As one redditor noted: “When you do experiments, please be aware of the dangers and cautionary things that are mentioned with the directions, ESPECIALLY when there are gas/heat products. People have legit died from lesser events like dry ice in a pool causing asphyxiation,”

Ishowspeed Meat

ishowspeed shows meat

Ishowspeed has been involved in two truly viral moments in the past few months alone, even before getting to the elephant toothpaste experiment.

In the Ishowspeed shows meat controversy –  Speed accidentally flashed his pen*s, or meat – on stream when air-humping while playing Five Nights at Freddy’s. 

The clip surfaced and went viral on Twitter late Wednesday, August 16th 2023. 

Due to the loosey-goosey nature of Twitter, which allows any kind of content, the Ishowspeed shows meat video spread like wildfire on the website currently known as X.

The flashing occured when Speed got jumpscared by the character Chica while playing Five Nights at Freddy’s and then started humping the air. 

Soon after Ishowspeed started humping the air, his meat slipped out of his pants from the front.

To his credit, Ishowspeed looked absolutely shocked and flabbergasted as he shows the world his meat. He portrayed the shock very well, intended to make us believe he did not plan this – but you can never tell with these attention-obsessed streamers.

In reaction to the moment, many users posted “SPEED DID WHAT” to portray shock over the accident. 

A few days later, Ishowspeed returned to YouTube and addressed the controversy.

“This is truly an embarrassing f***ing moment for me,” said Speed. “Lately these past days and hours, I’ve been suffering very mentally, bro. Genuinely, bro.”

“At the end of the day, I’m still a human being, bro, and one of my worst fears that I never even wanted to happen.” “This depressing, bro,” he added.

“You guys don’t know the feeling, bro, what I’m feeling right now.”

In July, Ishowspeed caused a stir during a recent livestream when he revealed he had an issue with his head.

Ishowspeed eye caused distress among his fans when the streamer, currently in Japan, uploaded a short video titled ‘I might die bye’ on his YouTube channel  July 28.

In the video, a visibly distressed Darren talked about suffering from a severe headache, raising concerns about his well-being. He spoke about experiencing a pounding sensation in his head.

Ishowspeed explaining what happened to his eye said: “Right now, I have one of the worst experiences I am having right now. I can’t even open up my eyes. I have this thing called a cluster headache. A deadly headache disease. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t do anything right now.”

Explaining further what happened to his eye, Ishowspeed said: “It hurts so bad, chat. It hurts so bad. I can’t do anything. It hurts. Everything I do, like, something pounding my head every time and I’m so angry. It hurts, like, even now it hurts. I can’t do sh*t. There’s no care to this. I love y’all, if anything happens.”

It was later revealed he had a cluster headache and returned to full health after receiving treatment.

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