Ijoba Lande’s Wife Had 3 Kids Before Marriage, He Ran Away Due to Financial Pressure – Gist

Comedian Ijoba Lande purposefully run away from home to get away from his wife when he was declared missing, sources close to the family have revealed.

Gistlover, the Oba of gossip in Nigeria, made this revelation after Lande was found.

Nigeriabombshell.com reported this week, Nigerian skit maker and comic actor, Ijoba Lande, was declared missing by his wife.

Weeping in a video, she revealed her husband left home last week Saturday night after breaking his fast and was never seen again.

She cried for help from the police and enlisted many other celebrities to beg the public for any information they have on Lande’s whereabouts.

Earlier today, Lande was found at an undisclosed location and returned home.

Looking traumatised, he burst into tears immediately after he got to his home.

Reacting to a video of Lande’s return, Gistlover revealed a possible reason for his disappearance and his tears.

According to the blogger, Lande had one child before meeting his wife, Darasimi, who told him she also had one child.

After dating for a while, she placed pressure on him to marry her after she got pregnant and they eventually tied the knot.

After they married, Ijoba Lande’s wife revealed she actually had three children!

That added to Lande’s own child made four kids for the couple before they even started their marriage!

After welcoming a son recently, they now have five children.

Gistlover says Ijoba Lande has been battling depression trying to keep his large family fed, not to speak of his own wife deceiving him”

Meanwhile, his mother-in-law is also allegedly contributing to making his life hell!

Gistlover claims in these conditions, it is no wonder Ijoba Lande bolted from his own home!

Read Gistlover’s narration on Ijoba Lane and his wife below…

“Hello tueh tueh, you see in this life ehn, some men are victims of bad marriage too, that men are perceived to be strong does not mean we should look on while they are being thrown under the bus💔💔

“The said Comedian Ijoba lande is going through a lot and I think that’s why he left his house or maybe it was staged I don’t know, so Lande has one child with a lady in the past and it didn’t work out between them,he then pursued his comedy career and before we know it, he blow small begin see money small smallz that was how he met this girl wey call herself Darasimi.

“When they met Darasimi lied to Lande say she get one pikin too, so just like Lande, Dara get one pikin, Lande get one pikin, that makes the two of them single mum and dad.

“After plenty loving you, she get belle for Lande, that was the beginning of Lande woes. After belle Dara mama begin pressure Lande say make them come pay bride price even if na small party, naso the guy rally round oo do small thing ontop the girl head.

“Long story short, after Dara moved into Lande’s house, na him Lande come find out say Dara don get 3 pikin before and not one pikin as claimed, all hell was let loose. Lande wanted to run away since then but family help them settle am.

“One month after na him Dara go pack all her three children enter, plus Lande pikin wey him born before, that makes it 4 and now them just born another baby, naso pikin take reach 5 for Lande hand oo🤦🤦🤦🤦

“Now na Lande dey take care of all the children, even the mother in-law (Dara mama) will come to the house and start giving orders and doing Lande as them like, Dara don use pepper body pursue almost all Lande family and colleague finish, it got so worse that Lande sold his car and was begging people for money from one DM to another, begging for food.

“Any day wey Lande go house without money na war, them dey always fight. So few days ago wey this girl come out come dey cry I vex say, is she not the cause of his misfortune, why trap an innocent man with 3 kids from 3 different fathers, why??

“GLB NATION make una judge this matter without sentiment? Who drag this guy into depression, 2 kids alone na war, and no be say the guy don blow sef,I COME IN PEACE 🚶🚶”


Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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