Ijoba Lande Comedy Biography, Wife, Child, Yoruba Movie, Missing, Found

Ijoba Lande comedy, a Nigerian skit maker has gone missing, his wife and colleagues have declared in various posts on social media.

On Tuesday, March 28th 2023, Igoba Lande’s wife revealed in a post on social media he had gone missing.

Other comic actors and skit makers reacted in shock to the sad revelation.

In this article, Nigeriabombshell.com would bring you everything to know about Ijoba Lande comedy missing, biography, wife, Yoruba movie, educational background etc.

Ijoba Lande Comedy Biography

Ijoba Lande biography

Ijoba Lande, full name Ganiyu Kehinde Moruf, is a Nigerian comic actor, skit maker, movie producer, content creator and motivational speaker.

He was born on the 23rd of March, although his birth year is not publicly known. He is a popular comic actor and skit maker, known for mostly producing Yoruba content.

Ijoba Lande’s educational level is not readily available. However, he is a talented skit maker indicating a level of intelligence.

He hit the limelight in 2019 after one of his skits went viral and has since been working hard to grow his fanbase.

Lande regularly releases comedy skits on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok to his thousands of followers.

He is credited as the originator of the Otisumi catchphrase. He is also known for the slang, Shotiyee. One of his trademarks is that he is always shirtless in his videos.

Ijoba Lande has one movie credit to his name, having produced a Yoruba movie titled ‘Igoba Lande‘ in 2019 featuring some of the big names in the Yoruba movie scene.

He is married to a beautiful woman named Darasimi Ifeoluwa, they have one child together.

Ijoba Lande Missing

Ijoba Lande comedy missing

On Tuesday, March 28th 2023, Ijoba Lande was declared missing by his wife, Darasimi Ifeoluwa and other colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Taking to Instagram, Darasimi Ifeoluwa revealed Lande had left home on Sunday, March 26th after breaking his Ramadan fast and never returned.

Amidst tears, she narrated the sad news with the caption: “This is to inform the public that IJOBA LANDE left home to an unknown destination on 26th of march around 9:00 pm and up till now we can find him.

We have reported the case at the nearest police station and with their help they help us to send signal to radio station please if you noticed anything you can fm his account or @ijesaekun

He left his phone at home after breaking his fasting on 26th that was the last time we heard from him,” the caption read.

Weeping, Ijoba Lande’s wife said in the video: “My husband has been missing for the past 3 days. I don’t know what to do…If you have any clue about him, if you see anything about him, if you notice anything about him you can contact me you can send me message.

“He left his phone at home so please help me. I’m in [police] station right now looking for him for the past three days. I’ve been looking for my husband for the past three days now. Army station please help me in the name of God. Thank you so much please. You can contact me,”

Watch video below…

Many colleagues of Lande have taken to social media to react to his disappearance.

Abdulgafar Ahmad, popularly known as Cute Abiola has reacted after his colleague, Ijoba Lande, was declared missing by his family.

The comedian reposted videos as seen on Ijoba Lande’s Instagram page to draw attention from netizens.

He wrote:“ Ah, what is going on? Ijoba Lande is missing. kilonshele? Anyone here knows about his Wer about pls? ah !”

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday also raised alarm after comedian and filmmaker Ijoba Lande went missing.

Taking to her Instagram page, Nkechi Blessing raised alarm over his disappearance.

Sharing a photo of him, she urged the public to contact the nearest police station if they see him anywhere.

Please if you have seen this face anywhere kindly contact the nearest police station. He has been missing for the last 3 days…. God bless you as you share”.

The likes of Kolawole Ajeyemi, Mosun Filani, Toyin Adewale, Yetunde Bakare and Cute Abiola took to the comedian’s comment section to pray for his return.

Cute Abiola wrote, “Ah! God abeg

Toyin Adewale wrote, “Jesus! May He return back home safely IJN

Mosun Filani wrote, “Olorun a seni riri… God’s protection on him

Kolawole Ajeyemi wrote, “Ahhhhh God will protect him

Yetunde Bakare wrote, “Haaaa May Almighty Allah keep and return him safely”


ijoba lande wife wedding

Ijoba Lande married actress and producer Darasimi Ifeoluwa in 2021, making her his wife.

The couple have a long-lasting relationship which has been blessed by God with one child, a son.

In November 2022, Ifeoluwa announced on social media that they had welcomed their first child together.

“We return all the glory and honor to you Lord..we are pleased to announce that our family finally has an amazing addition.. it’s a baby Boy congratulations to us okomi,” she wrote.


Ijoba Lande son, Jamal

Ijoba Lande has one child, a son, born on November 5th, 2022.

Jamal Lande is the only son of Nigerian comedian and skit maker Ijoba Lande and his wife, Darasimi Ifeoluwa.

Yoruba Movie

In 2019, at the height of his fame, Ijoba Lande produced an eponymous Yoruba movie titled ‘Ijoba Lande’. It starred many of his colleagues in the Yoruba movie industry.

Igoba Lande socials

Ijoba Lande can be found on Instagram at ijoba_lande1 and Facebook at IJOBALANDE1 and Youtube at ijobalande8585


On Thursday, March 30th 2023, roughly five days after he went missing, Ijoba Lande was found.

No further information was given about his disappearance and how he was found, but a video showed him returning home and bursting into tears.

Watch below…

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