Ijoba Lande Allegedly Went Broke Due to Gambling Addiction – Received Over 200k From Friends And Gambled All Away

Nigerian comedian and skit maker, Ijoba Lande, has allegedly been having money issues due to a dire gambling addiction that left him broke.

Lande was in the news a few days ago after he disappeared from home on Saturday, March 26th 2023.

His wife came public crying for help to find him the following Monday and he was found unharmed after a few days.

Nigerian blogger Gistlover reported following his return that Ijoba Lande had been under too much financial pressure at home which made him depressed and suicidal which is why he ran away.

The blogger revealed his problem stemmed from his wife, who had lied to him when they were dating that she had one child.

After marriage, she turned up with three children! Meanwhile, Ijoba himself already has one child and they have a child together, making five children for one man to take care of!

Gistlover alleged that financial pressure had placed Ijoba into trouble.

After he was found, Gistlover appealed for funds to help the comedian back onto his feet.

Gistlover also revealed Ijoba had a gambling addiction that he has promised to fix.

In reaction, a fan revealed Ijoba has been receiving a lot of help recently after going broke but he continuously claims to be broke implying he’s been gambling his money away or spending lavishly.

The fan wrote: “This is not right @gistloversgram_media how can you be begging for money for these people all the time? @ijoba_lande1 

“These are couples that have 2 hands and legs. Why can’t they plan their lives together and establish themselves with little they are earning in the past. But they believed people would raise money for them after the skit they planned.

“According to IYA EWE, she said she gave him 200k last month, and some of her fans contributed money for him as well, what is he doing with all the money he has made on his skit and the one people are giving him?? But they chose to spend lavishly because they believed ATM machines were there online to drop money for them… 

“@gistloversgram_media stop encouraging people like this by raising funds for them… tell him to go back to his handwork. @ijoba_lande1 He learns as a vulcanizer or mechanic to tell him to get a premises, buy his work equipment, and build his workshop back so he can earn daily money.

“This guy has good handwork that can make him rich within some months, but they don’t want to work hard anymore. Free money is what everyone one of them looking for.as for me, I will advise him to go back to the handwork he learnt and open a workshop, employ people there to work for him, he doesn’t need to be the one doing the job, a lot of youth have learnt same work as him, and they are looking for where to manage and make money Daily.

“This is gonna be a big avenue for him to have his own office, he has built a good name for himself, he has fans he knows most celebrities, so what else does he need?,

“Awon ode!! He needs to empower himself back and fix his life back on track by doing his handwork. Not all this disgrace his giving himself and his families. All that they want is free money, money, where is the money please,”

Check screenshot of Ijoba Lande confirming his gambling addiction to Gistlover below…


Ijoba Lande, full name Ganiyu Kehinde Moruf, is a Nigerian comic actor, skit maker, movie producer, content creator and motivational speaker.

He was born on the 23rd of March, although his birth year is not publicly known. He is a popular comic actor and skit maker, known for mostly producing Yoruba content.

Ijoba Lande’s educational level is not readily available. However, he is a talented skit maker indicating a level of intelligence.

He hit the limelight in 2019 after one of his skits went viral and has since been working hard to grow his fanbase.

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Source: Nigeriabombshell.com

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